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Thai Retail broker, the good with the bad or the bad with the good? Stop-Loss orders mai pen rai.


Thai Retail broker, the good with the bad or is it the bad with the good?   Generalities, of course there are exceptions but one may know too late.   Stop-Loss orders mai pen rai.  Stop loss orders still don't exist directly on...

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Investors beware on IPO's in Thailand, how they are issued and fare over time.

BA (12.70)  Another one bites the dust.

Bangkok Airways  (BA, 12.70)) came public with much fanfare later in year 2014, at IPO price 25 Baht.  At the time we were told how lucky we got if get any allocation.   At the time I sensed...

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Life goes on. Investor/member update.

Things seem to be changing for the better, as July showed there is buoyancy at last.

Over the past month Thai stocks have overall acted better. The BMSCG small cap ETF fund recovered from a low or around 8.50 to presently 9.20 (+12%) which is very...

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Thai stock market investing, leaves allot to be desired. Part 2.

Things always change but not always for the better.

For many years smaller cap Thai stocks overall performed rather well.  They were often under-priced, under-followed and mostly ignored by the institutions -and brokers alike.   The individual investor with some know-how and experience could beat the SET...

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Thai stock market investing, leaves allot to be desired.

Lots of various misinformation combined with generally poor broker-standards leaves retail investors in the cold, while foreign institutional money has been exciting...for now.

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Beware of the risks on being too negative. A masterfull new book claims just the opposite!

Uneventful investor times, dragging on.  In the background its emerging that globally on many fronts, we live in the best of times.

The Thai SET is just vacillating along with no real drivers either way. True, the Thai economy is improving, consumer...

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List of 80 highest CG rated firms.

There are only 80 companies in Thailand with CG rating scores of 5, which is the highest.  80 out of over 650 listed SET firms Incl MAI).  Here below is the list, sorry if it does not show as well and its the last I can find which is dated...
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Changing times demand changing strategy.

It so makes less sense to try to cherry pick stocks here with increasing less information, broker aloofness around big caps & through their obsession with trading.  Then, lots of press-misinformation -besides no old or new IPO prospectuses in English.  Not least, the now much unreported...

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Thai Bank stocks, a short story of a long decline.

Thai bank stocks, often on prominent broker buy lists have lately fallen out of favor for all the right reasons, which I saw this coming since the founding of this web site in 1997.