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Anatomy to long term superior performance.

A market rut or a trap to long term lower returns?

Over the many years I have never been very good at predicting with good...

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ETF's will lag active investors when the market turns.

So called Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) which just mirror stock indexes will lag active investors when the market turns  -and in the meantime are ignoring a presently booming sector here.

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A fallacy of our times which will not last.

ETF investing has exploded in popularity over the past 5 years.

Some stats show these dominate over 57% of all major stock exchanges trading volume. A few astute long term pro's in the investor industry think they are the next bubble in the making?

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Thai SEC and SET can and have taken action

The Thai SEC can and has taken firm action -even while sporadically so. Expats and visitors alike here often are wrongly informed. Sometimes because its to their benefit to be so.

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Respected regional independent broker turns Thai bullish.

CLSA is Asia’s leading and longest-running independent brokerage and investment group, today it turned bullish on Thailand.  Here is why.

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As the SET corrects more I outline some macro risks. 5 fresh ideas I now like.

Assessing the global risks show China -maybe more then the US- is the new worry.  Besides my core list,  I now have 5 fresh names I highlight on this SET market correction.

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The SET keeps languishing but longer term investors do not give up.

Mis or inadequate reporting by the western press for as long as I remember. What we don't know we just too often don't like.  3 new actionable ideas in 3 different sectors besides size.

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Hang in there but more cautious.

The SET keeps trying to work itself higher but with hesitation. There could be a jolt anytime as its appears fragile.  Yet both the Thai and US economy seem resurgent not least to low oil prices and hence I dare, to mostly hang in there along with cash on...

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Riding the Bull. The big views.

Here is an update viewed from a distance -with perspective. The SET is now a liquidity driven market were some larger cap stocks may well catch up to the long smaller cap stars. Ample liquidity besides recovering Thai economy along with reforms, lower oil prices and large infrastructure spending...