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Remain TOG (12.20) Thai Optical Group bullish, Master report-part 2.

TOG (12) stock is under-owned and under-analyzed by any brokers, along with its high dividends, and so not likely to tumble on any speculative or market downdraft!

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TOG (12) Thai Optical Group bullish and here is my comprehensive report on why.

Year 2024 looks like product expansion at higher profit margins, with no share dilution. 

We listened carefully to the SET Oppt. Day, TOG presentation on September 1.  Duly noting, unlike many other listed companies, TOG has given regular such shareholder presentations for many years -and then takes...

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BJCHI, a turnaround story.

BJCHI (1.40) is a quality company I now want to rate with a buy view. Call BJCHI, my turnaround story.  I followed & visited then in the long past, then oil prices collapsed and other set backs saw this stock drop from 2.50, 4-5 years ago, to currently 1.40. Looks bottomed out to me.   (Back...

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SNC Former, very large manufacturer in the Thai A/C industry here.

Here is a near pure play, as I see it, on the increased need to cool dwellings/hotels down near everywhere due to global warming. "Thailand is the second largest exporter of A/C in the world.” An A/C renaissance in the making, even while I realize this is not helpful on global climate change.

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FSMART at currently 10.20, looks like a strong buy!

FSMART currently at 10.20 Baht looks like a strong buy to me and here is why.  To follow up my previous article on this solid, quality & growth stock a "Thai domestic play", with a decent dividend yield -and bright future.    Here is an important follow-up article to the one...

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TOG, a high growth/high dividend -besides defensive choice.

TOG, full 2022 year earnings report.  Thai Optical Group is a core stock choice here first written up at 6.2 Baht, some 3 years ago.  

(As here first published to members-only, on 16 Feb 2023 - 4:40pm)

TOG (9.50) late yesterday reported stellar 4 Q. and full 2022 year earnings results. ...

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KTBS on TOG -way off on his estimates!

Look at KTBS broker on TOG buy recommendation back in December 2021, so way off on his estimates.

Look at the below research report from broker KTBS, published in December of 2021, when TOG (9.45) was trading at 9 Baht back then and with this analyst having a...

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BRR, a commodity & climate change play.

BRR(7.95) I like this stock now as its a major Sugar producer and will benefit from India's sugar shortfall this year.  India is by far the worlds' biggest sugar producer. Global sugar prices hit a 6 year high at end of January '23.  BRR already reported 1.14 Baht in EPS for the first 9...

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SAT is one if not the highest reliable dividend payers here.

Recently I identified for our contributing members at least 7 high dividend stocks, in different industries, to be favored here into 2023.  High dividend stocks are a more prudent investment way, as they have an "invisible hand" underneath it, in paying high current income should there be a market...