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TOG, explosive earnings report/strong buy view.

I view TOG 5.90 as a high growth/high dividend company again, at the right time and stock price. TOG is a long established leader in what it does.

I know this is a quality company from visiting them in the past when I had a good impression while members benefited....

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NOBLE, a new strong buy view with very high dividend.

I currently like as a new idea NOBLE (8.60) allot. It was at 8.40 when I first table pounded on it. I think its a strong buy.

NOBLE is a leading property company which had a big change of mgt. not long ago and then overtook...

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Consider STGT vs. TopGlove.

Consider STGT vs. TopGlove.

STGT now has a number of key enhancers at present, which TopGlove does not it seems. Realize, STGT only hedges about 40% of its currency exposure. The company so will benefit from any further Baht vs. US$ weakness, as the Baht currency is/remains under pressure -due...

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DIF, worth considering for high tax free 8.30% yield.

DIF, worth considering for high tax free 8.30% yield, which is actually a touch more as its paid-out Quarterly.

DIF (12.60) is an interesting high Quarterly income investor opportunity, in my view.  This is the Digital Telecom fund which in recent quarters paid 0.261 Baht...

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STGT the favoured Thai stock -well removed from Thai economic malaise.

STGT is now my favored Thai quality, ample liquid trading, high growth stock -well removed from the Thai economy/politics/tourism/middle income trap.

Thai STGT (72) just now trades at a current p/e of around 16, yet its earnings keep (and will keep) soaring going forward as it...

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Investor thoughts today, on a rainy day.

Select buy ideas on any further SET sell off, if you dare on a rainy day.

I expect the market to panic down some more today on the new increased political heat. The market is already very low and to a good extend discounts many unknowns...

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ITEL, interesting growth stock at reasonable valuation.

ITEL, interesting growth stock at reasonable valuation during at present more dire times.

I like ITEL at current prices of around 2.88 just now. This hard working company last month signed a data service contract of late with KTB worth Bt 165m this lifted its backlog...

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AUCT, the winner.

Post its 2Q earnings release on Aug 8th,  UNION AUCTION PUBLIC (AUCT) showed us why I was max. bullish on this selections for many months already.

Here over the past few months I very favorably mentioned to contributing members AUCT (9.40) more than any other stock, even refusing...

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PPS delays 1Q. reporting due to CV19


PPS (0.46) will not be reporting 1Q. financial statements due to the CV19 until end of July 2020, and as is well explained informing the SET in time and with the additional letter/information given there yesterday.  Here is the link:     ...