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AUCT, just reports impressive 1st Q. results -as did TOG the week before.

AUCT (8.35) keeps reporting impressing & growing earnings results, yet again.   AUCT (8.35) along with TOG (11.10) have for long been my last & final solid choices here. And remain so.    I reviewed for members in our lounge TOG's  1Q. last week,  see here:

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PPM, at last comes through.

PPM (2.78) just now reports very strong 4Q earnings of over 65 mill. vs. 36 mill compared to previous 4 Q.  Up + 91% up!  Wow, so mgt. was right/credible to predict all along things would turn around!  They sure have. "2,128.73% from the year earlier".   PPM was alway here viewed...

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TOG reports full financials, -on Valentines Day.

TOG (12.10) just after 5 PM yesterday reported its yearly financial statements to the SET.  (Feb. 14th 2023)

Its a good to great report but needs more to say/analyze then first meets the eye.  So here I do it, for us:  Net profit for all of...

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From what we can tell, nothing new with PPS.

Project Planning Service (PPS-0.39) is a company I followed/visited in the past and here viewed & wrote positively about -just before the Covit-19 breakout, in year 2019. I attended their extraordinary shareholder meeting that time where the shareholders overwhelmingly voted for this very upscale real-estate development project. Before...

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Summarize TOG's Business and future plans.

I've been asked to summarize TOG's Business and plans, as TOG is and remains my top investor choice here:

TOG (11.20) manufactures and sells optical lenses that are classified as essential consumer products. Their state mission is to be a leading and sustainable manufacturer of optical lenses. Recognized globally for consistently...

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AUCT/TOG both my medium term investor strong buy view. SICT-growth stock.

AUCT/TOG both command my medium-term investor today reaffirmed strong buy view, with SICT remains my growth stock choice.  AUCT is all domestic driven for all the good reasons we reviewed.  TOG & SICT highly profitable export companies.  

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SET lethargy continues, while my 2 favored ones' are holding up.

SET market lethargy continues in good part due to lack of needed reforms, while my 2 favored ones' are holding up.

Since the start of this year I here have voiced dire concern and so a cautious view on Thai stocks in general.  For some time since, and well...

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Remain TOG (12.20) Thai Optical Group bullish, Master report-part 2.

TOG (12) stock is under-owned and under-analyzed by any brokers here.  This along with its high dividends and weak Baht beneficary -and so not likely to tumble on any speculative or market downdraft!

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TOG (12) Thai Optical Group bullish. Here is my comprehensive report on why.

Year 2024 looks like product expansion for TOG, at higher profit margins, yet with no share dilution.  Benefiting from Baht weakness.

We listened carefully to the SET Oppt. Day, TOG presentation on September 1.  Duly noting how unlike many other listed companies, TOG has given regular such shareholder...