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Looks rather insignificant to a casual observer, but may not be.

Sometimes we notice things which at first view seems insignificant, yet could well be.  Take an office higher level employee at a company which has been there for some years, yet earns (in Thailand) a relatively low salary. Surely he/she has some insights into how well or not the...
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Greetings from Zurich Switzerland, investor wise glad to be in select Thai stocks.

Investor wise glad to be hiding it out in select Thai smaller cap stocks. Greetings from Zurich-city center Switzerland. The situation in EU and Switzerland is far more dire now, as they predict sharp increases in energy costs, across the board this coming winter, due to cutting off oil/gas...

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A rehash of PPM and why I still much like it, investor wise.

A rehash of PPM (4.12) and why I still much like it, investor wise.

Toward the end of last year, PPM’s MD and/or his rising son gave a solid interview in the Thai "Money Channel" and some other Thai biz newspaper stating how revenues would grow...

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Dividend record for STA/STGT over past 12 months, including last one.

Dividend record for both STA & STGT over past 12 months, including last one to be paid on May 6th 2022.

Below I show the exact tally of total dividends paid by STA over the past full 12 months, including the last one just announced -and to be...

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BCPG (12.90) for green energy/energy storage and more.

BCPG (12.90) a model portfolio selection here in the green energy/energy storage and more...a likely  "hidden" gem, but may take some time to fruition. Hence my view is more like an accumulate buy, for longer term.  The hidden gem part is their mega Laos wind energy partake,  BCPG already does biz. in Laos.  Here is BCPG new release today,  "Investment in Lao PDR’s electricity business". ...

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PPM, the sun is shinning.

Mentioned here just days ago I now view PPM (3.06) with a strong buy opinion. Solar time has come and SolarPPM has the right/best solution/products and stock to own.  Within a few short years I read just about every factory/warehouse and more will have some kind of solar system in place, along with...

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PPM, glad to have caught it early today.

Regarding my new high growth stock idea, PPM (3.68)  as here posted early this morning in our lounge.

This morning at 10:17 AM, I posted the following in our Member-Lounge, “Timely Ideas”.  Here is a follow up, at 4:30 PM, as the stock had a formidable 8.2% rise today. Just...

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TOG (8.30) 3Q. earnings report.

TOG (8.30) 3Q. earnings reported late yesterday.    THAI OPTICAL GROUP PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED

TOG, a prominent model portfolio selection into 2022 reported a solid but less then 2Q. earnings performance late yesterday. Rather then taking time rehearsing all the numbers etc, pls. take a look at their professional management...

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STA/STGT highest dividend paying Thai stocks.

STA/STGT highest dividend paying Thai stocks and likely to remain so in 2022.

STA (30.50) and STGT (27.25)  are 2 model portfolio selections which I refused to give up on due to my strongest conviction on continued very high dividends!  While their stock prices dropped sharply...