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Xiaomi DR’s, listed on Thai SET, my investor choice.

Xiaomi a DR’s, (depositor receipt) listed on Thai SET under the symbol of XIAOMI80, is my latest investor choice.

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US small caps hugely underperforming. Here is why.

The investor-world is run by ever larger mega institutions/funds -which crave big daily avg. volume in shares traded liquidity. It's their mantra...a necessary -required obsession. This is what has evolved, it is what it is.

It's one reason why US smaller stocks there have hugely underperformed for some time. If...

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Global affairs - A Broken promise

Here you can see, if interested, how the US & the West promised to new Russia that time there would be no NATO expansion, surely a broken promise which rightly so upset them:

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A comment on Bitcoin

On crypto/Bitcoin, One real problem in time is AI which along with Quantum computing emerging -which will be able to crack the crypto Bitcoin code in a few years. Not sure many know/think about this?

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Global balance of power has shifted.

Global balance of power has shifted, but few in the Western press have noticed or say willing to acknowledged this. Even while the Global South and BRICS is emerging in a bigger way then most realize.

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Some tips when dealing with financial institutions.

Here are just a few which come to mind:

1) be very aware of conflicts of interest, where a financial institution or bank promotes their in-house perhaps less than competitive investor/products. At times with high commissions or mgt. fees.

2) the interest of...

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On endless Western China bashing.

The West (.ern leaders & mass media) loves to bash China at every turn possible. But consider these facts, hardly reported:

-China is the global low cost producer of the/most new low carbon technologies, just what the world now much needs and way beating out the EU & USA. I.e.,...

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USA big tech stocks have/are the performance stars. Here is why.

USA big tech stocks have/are/keep being the performance stars there.  Maybe for some good reasons, as most AI benefits belong to the mammoth data-base owners.  Big tech so owns the AI future?

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US leading to global instability.

Here is an excellent article by Professor Jeffery Sachs, showing the shift from a U.S.-led world economy to now a multipolar world economy; a reality that U.S. Washington neocons have failed to recognize, accept, or admit...and it's a key reason for the current global Geo-political destabilizing -led by the US....