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The vicissitudes-intricacies of interpretation -and many traps.

The intricacies of loose language interpretation and the known and unknown traps/difficulties this represent.

Residing in Thailand for so many years investing/building/living and more I often endured the difficulty in language and interpreting at many different levels.  Just to define terminology, translation means written -and interpreting...

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Reverse Triangle

Cultural differences exist everywhere and it often requires people to get "out of the woods, to see the forest".

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More on-line then off-line time? Think about it.

The ever subtle line between signal and noise - A tool misused will do more harm than good.  Here is some thoughts which has nothing to do with Thai stocks. But allot to do with how much time should we spend on-line.

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The gurus are full of near term predictions, bullish and bearish. But What IF?

Many are presently wondering and asking now where stock markets (and even bitcoins) are headed next, post the superb rise in US shares and in digital coins -which however recently much corrected.   There are allot of good fundamental reasons why the synchronized global economy looks better than in a long time, so...

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An attempt to bitcoin grasping.

I am not a bitcoin investor -nor necessarily advocate it.  But here I dare to say something about it as its been rising in price and fame..and on many people's/member minds.  Many call it utter speculation, crazy and a true bubble, even while keep investing in...

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Australia, the next crisis in the making.

Australia, the next crisis in the making due in large part to complacency.

Lengthy and insightful articles from Bloomberg of late, which confirm my bearish view of AU since around 2015.

Only One Major Asian Stock Market Has Shrunk This Decade:...

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Translated instantly.

Translated instantly, fastest and free.

Recently some  Chinese visited a property about to be rented by my friend, the owner.  As a Westerner the owner insisted a translator be present at the property hand-over, so to show how it all works etc.. The...

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On "know it all's" & integrity. How it changed the world.

On "know it all's" and integrity.  A short recount of historyHow America got its name and why/how Spain start losing its power 500 years ago.

Most of us know the history that when Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 (as official history...

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ETF's likely peaking -just when its most popular to invest in these.

Past: A rising tide lifts all boats.  Now: The allure of low fee funds with no management is about to peak.

Morgan Stanley in an intelligent new February 2017 client research piece called “The case for Active Management” points this likely coming to...