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Start accumulate China select ETF's stock funds.

This is the first time I write about China investment as new value-stock investment idea, here.  (Not a Thai stock article).

I now think China stocks generally so are likely in a major bottoming process... No need to here review all the dire graphs showing the tremendous sell-off in...

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Has USA gone mad? Global risks -above Thai risks.

US stocks are likely now forming a new bubble which may well destabilize the rest of the World (again). In part for the reasons gone astray, as I deduce below.  (not a Thai stock article).

Many believe the US took a broad-dump when Biden...

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US and EU not listening to their public opinions.

Oh well, if suddenly govts in the US and EU started listening to the clear majority of their public opinion, which democracy is so acclaimed there; much would almost instantly get better. Not least all that war mongering spending all on borrowed money. All it would likely take for example...

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How long can the US$ hold its dominance & resilience?

US$ for now still dominates because its the most liquid currency, by far, around the World.

It could well be the US$ will lose its global status in a few short years, but nobody really knows if and when and what would currency would replace it! My take is it has...
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Start-ups, venture capital investors, beware of this trap.

Here I discuss an often hidden risk in so called venture capital, or start-up's, private equity investments. I call it a "stealth risks" which can emerge in many successful starts-ups. Yet, hardly ever mentioned.  Bewared.   (This article has nothing to do with Thai stocks.)

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My El Camino Hike -from Porto Portugal, to Santiago Galicia, Spain.

So I went on the El Camino Hike from Portugal to Santiago, Galicia, Spain.

As many of you here know I endured a heart ailment...

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US in a long secular decline ?

We usually like what we know while shying away from what we don't know much about.

One of the things I notice again and again at the web site LinkedIn is how US centric fund/money and Swiss banks are...posting at nauseam around this same theme, bull and bear...

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Inflation for now likely peaking.

On inflation for now likely peaking.  Most commentators mention nothing, nor quote anybody on non-precious metal prices. Why?  Yet many experts usually look at metal prices as a leading indicator of the commodities ​cycle.  At present Copper and many metal prices are in a moving downtrend. Nickel is declining even...

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Dire times coming, lead by the US/EU.

Dire times in US/EU coming which will bring much new suffering.  US Treasury Secretary Yellen and the Fed blew it, and should be fired? But doing so would only alarm markets more.

We are at a critical & dire time in the US economic development at present.  This...