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Relationship vs. competence investor practices.

So called "Relationship banking" vs. competence investor practices too often reign in high-tower offices.

Many global financial centers like say Singapore/Zurich/Geneva foremost practice what is called relationship (vs. performance) banking, and it reigns!
Mostly so because of course its difficult if not impossible to predict

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Thai IPO's haywire. Another example.

Master Style Public Company recently IPO's at 46 Baht.  You had to decide between Jan. 17-19th if you wanted any. Yuanta was the broker.  Yet, the selling memorandum was not posted on the SET until Jan. 24th.  Here is the link: (link is external) Hence a rational investor was in the dark about...

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Thai SET dominated by the punters/speculators.

SET fails rational investors in reigning in the day-trading speculators on being lame on taming (like they do on other companies), the most active punted stock here.

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Always sell when in a bubble. Avoid Thai IPO's for now.

Lots of crying here now by many angry global investors whom failed to nail profits last year when US lead stock/bond markets were clearly exuberant.  Surely its up to investors to at times demand some selling when mkts. are in a bubble.  Regardless of the investor objective. Not just await the...

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IF you can’t beat them, then don’t join them!

IF you can’t beat them, then don’t join them!  Here is what I view doing rational investor wise.

I think the Thai stock market & practices has deteriorated, on various fronts overall, over the past say 7-8 years.  I used to write about its various practice...

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Language interpretations can be made from just about anywhere. SET take note!

The cost of simultaneous interpreting has come way down in recent years, yet for the most part the SET and its listed companies are a "lame duck" on that, to their own detriment!

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Hollywood movies often wrongly portray the US securities industry.

Recently I got this mail from a peron of some standing outside our industry which watched the movie “The Big Short” on Netflix. He was appalled and told me so as it stated its based on a “true story”. 

   Paul, have you watched The Big Short

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Fallacies and more on the investor front.

Fallacies and incomplete conclusions on the investor front.

Recently I saw a 10 or 12-year graph which compared Bitcoin price movements to the price of Gold, what an incredible divergence.  With Bitcoin soaring and gold basically doing very little in comparison.  This can lead to the...

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Is coming persistent inflation the biggest risk/culprit? I question?

Coming persistent inflation is the big headline-worry at present, but I question this. 

Many believe broad inflation will be persistent and on the increase well into next year and beyond.  Is this a foregone conclusion?  Iron-ore for example has dropped considerably in the past few months, copper as...