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More on the how vs. the what to invest in. Part 2.

More on the how vs. the what to invest in. Part 2.

(Here is a slightly revised and better edited article I first meant to publish last weekend, only in not being able to uploaded due to an upgrade needed. Which was done this weekend.  I...

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The end of an era

The end of an era has been slow in emerging but today its for all of us individual investors to tolerate and endure, or not.

Unfortunately, smaller cap value stocks worldwide are being ignored and the broker industry has subscribe to it as its not...

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Bears vs. Bulls ratio, an extreme reading worth paying attention to.

Students and investors of stock markets know that the opposite often happens compared to what the majority in the market think.  Its called the contrarian view.  This makes sense because if most investor/traders sold out their positions on fear, they then express they are bearish (meaning they think...

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Letter to Thai Institute of Directors Association (TID) on PPS.

November 1 2019.

Thai Institute of Directors Association (TID)
CMA. Building2, 2/9 Moo 4 Northpark Project
Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, Thung SongHong, Laksi
Bangkok 10210, Thailand

Attention K. Prasan Chuanphanich, Chairman,TID

We wish to bring to your attention what we view

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Outdated & silly-Thai-broker-habits.

Here are some SET/Broker poor practices addressed for long -but no changes.  After a while some investors and capital may just give up, which is what many retail investors have done as the participating retail investors/numbers keep showing.

Just two examples here...

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The​ death​ of​ the​ Thai​ retail​ Investors.

To: Mr. Paiboon Nalinthrangkurn
Chairman, FETCO

The​ death​ of​ the​ Thai​ Retail​ Investors.

Consider​ that​ significant reasons​ for​ most​ Thai​ retail​ Investors​ abandoning​ SET​ investing​ is​ because​ of​ the​ inept​ Thai​ brokers​ and​ its​ market​ing​ agents​ which​ too​ often​ "churn and​ burn" ​ retail​ ​Investors​ which​ then loose​ money​...

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High growth industries in a stagnent (new brave) world.

The brave new world of slow growth. Identifying 2 new high growth industries and choices, while scared of the third.

Pondering in a world of continued slow growth, low interest rates besides inflation and tame oil prices one has to ask ourselves as an investor what...

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Thailand muddling along, surviving in hard times.

As I here wrote well over a year ago Thailand and its SET brokers are stuck in the "middle income trap" to say the least.  Its totally unclear what can lift it out of that, as of now?  Contrary to my viewpoint back then, so far Thai elections...

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Thai Elections assured -and the SET now likely more buoyant.

Thai Elections are now assured and the SET likely more buoyant.  (I wrote this member article around Jan 27, but was not able to upload it until today).

While too early to acclaim rejuvenation, it looks like as soon as the Thai elections announced, the SET...