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Speculating on overvalued stocks is the "kiss of death", in a bear market.

A paramount reason for the SET and its industry failing is not just languished Thai economic growth but their behavior, in my view.  As here warned/outlined for some time over the past years. To no avail.

Over many years in the now past I often encouraged brokers & management here to...

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On the ill-discrimination to Expats here, on getting their free warrants. NVDR Holders.

I complained/mentioned this new contentious issue to a couple of brokers here -and the SET (see below) regarding this new trend emerging on excluding NVDR holders to get their entidelt free warrants, if/when a company has such an offering.  As was the case lately with DEMCO, BRR and RML, from what I know...

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Stock prices move for many different reasons.

Stock prices move for many different reasons, far beyond the analytics. 

Stock prices (bonds prices as well, but for different reasons) move for many different reasons, soo often far beyond fundamental...

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Anatomy of Thai warrants.

Phuket-Bangkok,  January 19, 2024.    By

Anatomy of Thai warrants -to help finance a company’s higher growth rate.

Over the past 30 years I visited in person some 160+ companies often with the MD or CEO, at times touring their factories etc.....

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Retail investors all but abandoning the Thai Stock exchange. Why?

Why are Thai Retail investors all but abandoning the Thai Stock exchange?  I know why.

I've been asked multiple times why in my long experienced opinion are Thai retail investors fleeing the Thai stock exchange ever more. When, as opposed, in the long past they made up bulk...

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As now is and has been in the recent past, just avoid Thai IPO's.

I just took a look at SET/MAI recent IPO’s -and not surprised in their demise to date, across the board.  Here below is the short consequtive tally as per the SET’s own web site, which there just shows the last 6:  

Here is the link:

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Risks in owning stocks, amplified in Thai shares.

There is only one thing which makes a stock price go up, more buying then selling.  There are many reasons for a stock price to drop, or even collapsing. In this article I address some of the real risks which come to mind…yes it’s a minefield and -alas amplified with...

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The Thai stock market is at crossroads.

At mid year 2023, the Thai stock market is at a major crossroad, will the bad take over the good?  The seemingly entrenched status quo is not helping.

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As of mid year the glass is half full. 3 dire concerns. But a silver lining.

As of mid year 2023, the glass is half full as things look a bit more settled.  3 dire concerns I chose to address here.  But conclude with my long held silver lining, if you dare to get beyond the macro troubled reality.  "Investor jewels in the rough".