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Risks in owning stocks, amplified in Thai shares.

There is only one thing which makes a stock price go up, more buying then selling.  There are many reasons for a stock price to drop, or even collapsing. In this article I address some of the real risks which come to mind…yes it’s a minefield and -alas amplified with...

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The Thai stock market is at crossroads.

At mid year 2023, the Thai stock market is at a major crossroad, will the bad take over the good?  The seemingly entrenched status quo is not helping.

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As of mid year the glass is half full. 3 dire concerns. But a silver lining.

As of mid year 2023, the glass is half full as things look a bit more settled.  3 dire concerns I chose to address here.  But conclude with my long held silver lining, if you dare to get beyond the macro troubled reality.  "Investor jewels in the rough".

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Thai Stocks performance overall since 2014, is dismal.

Since the current Govt. took over in 2014: if you strip-out DELTA & GULF (2 speculative counters with stratospheric p/e's of 78 and 45) , the SET has done terribly (say around -6 to -7%) over the past 9 years.  During a time USA and other stock markets have doubled, index wise. While...

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Is relationship vs. competence banking/good investor advise, now coming to an end?

Is "relationship banking", as opposed to competence, integrity & objective professional investor advise, stalling?

As a young business student at the University of Wisconsin in the 1970’s, I was made aware of an interesting publication called the “Wall Street Transcript” (WST). It was an A5 size large thick printed paper with perhaps...

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Relationship vs. competence investor practices.

So called "Relationship banking" vs. competence investor practices too often reign in high-tower offices.

Many global financial centers like say Singapore/Zurich/Geneva foremost practice what is called relationship (vs. performance) banking, and it reigns!
Mostly so because of course its difficult if not impossible to predict

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Thai IPO's haywire. Another example.

Master Style Public Company recently IPO's at 46 Baht.  You had to decide between Jan. 17-19th if you wanted any. Yuanta was the broker.  Yet, the selling memorandum was not posted on the SET until Jan. 24th.  Here is the link: (link is external) Hence a rational investor was in the dark about...

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Thai SET dominated by the punters/speculators.

SET fails rational investors in reigning in the day-trading speculators on being lame on taming (like they do on other companies), the most active punted stock here.

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Always sell when in a bubble. Avoid Thai IPO's for now.

Lots of crying here now by many angry global investors whom failed to nail profits last year when US lead stock/bond markets were clearly exuberant.  Surely its up to investors to at times demand some selling when mkts. are in a bubble.  Regardless of the investor objective. Not just await the...