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Smaller taste's great and is less filling.

Here once again I dare to address the often -besides never reported- misunderstood reasons why size matters and is often a detriment when it comes to managing money. 

Below is a message I received from free-registered user which I chose to answer below as its often...

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Are all money managers over paid?

Some years ago some very astute money managers earned Yale University endowment fund billions of $ in investment returns on a fully diversified portfolios, that year. When they asked for their agreed 100 mill. fee, the University's "little old ladies" screamed highway robbery! So they fired those great money managers....

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Thai mid and smaller cap stocks rebounding allot.


Thai mid and smaller cap stocks rebounding allot -and then some.

As one can see from the below graph, I screenshot this morning at 10:30 AM, there has been a dramatic recovery in the Thai broad smaller/mid cap sector since around mid 2020, as this...

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Surprising to many, but not me, group of good stocks = preferred to cash-alternative.

Markets are forward looking, and they see the vaccine/saviour light at the end of the tunnel as well as Cash being debased over time, not least due to all the Govt.s money new printing.

The SET index has had a formidable run over the past couple of months....

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Thai IPO's -who knows?

Lots of self praise on Thai IPO's in the business press here and by the SET -before and after.

One key reason Thai IPO's do well on the first few trading days here is because Thai speculators' day traders, pounce on it only to sag later. But...

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SET lethargy drags on as expected.

The SET lethargically moves on, vacillating around currently 1340, well below 1400 on the index.  Just as I here expected/wrote in early June. When it peaked at 1430.

My view has not changed since as the reality is now setting in: Thailand beat the CV19 for...

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Updated graph on SET vs. MAI and sSET indexes.

Updated graph on SET, vs. MAI and sSET indexes showing the divergence, yet bouncing back of late.

Here below is an updated graph showing the SET vs. MAI and sSET indexes, the latter being a good representation of the smaller cap Thai stocks which is a...

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More on the how vs. the what to invest in. Part 2.

More on the how vs. the what to invest in. Part 2.

(Here is a slightly revised and better edited article I first meant to publish last weekend, only in not being able to uploaded due to an upgrade needed. Which was done this weekend.  I...

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The end of an era

The end of an era has been slow in emerging but today its for all of us individual investors to tolerate and endure, or not.

Unfortunately, smaller cap value stocks worldwide are being ignored and the broker industry has subscribe to it as its not...