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Investing in Thai stocks from outside of Thailand.

On buying/selling Thai shares from outside of Thailand.  We view these as good sources and generally find US brokes are expensive and just too alloof on Thai stocks.

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Letter from a friend.

Here is a letter received today by an ex-associate from my professional days back in the US. He articulates a historical perspective... and why Thai Baht nominated growth stocks may well be a good place to hide-out any such coming currency crisis.

More then a few investors are rightly...

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Will the Dollar rally in January "07?

Here is another outstanding contribution by Mr. David Hale -a long time contributor to with this select exclusive article. The US dollar has a long history of sliding during December and rebounding in the new year. Will it happen this year?

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Transaction Tax Disproves All Fears (Indian Stock Market)

On October 1, 2004, the Securities Transaction Tax (STT) came into implementation in the Indian financial markets. The market players and analysts who had predicted that the introduction of STT would bring Indian financial markets to a standstill have been proved completely wrong. on the first day of the...

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Thai Tatller Magazine Feature + Download

An excerpt from the August issue of Thai Tatler magazine:

"A year ago Thai stocks were roaring again after a long slump...  Paul Renaud, a well-known SET bull with had predicted a SET index of 800 sometime after year end 2003, and the market indeed went on to close...

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Indian Markets Have Similar Problems When Compared to the Thai Stock Market

Contributing Article by Kavaljit Singh.

With an introduction by Paul A. Renaud.

The STT (Securities Transaction Tax) is expected to reduce the speculation in Indian financial markets, which are amongst the most speculative markets in the world. Compared with several leading international financial markets, the sheer volume of speculative trading...

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The Outlook for U.S. Monetary Policy.

As a result of strong economic data published since March, there is increasing speculation in the financial markets that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this summer. The most commonly expected date for a policy change is the FOMC meeting on August 10th.

By David Hale.

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Why China Rocked World Financial Markets?

In the past policy announcements which rattled world financial markets came from Washington, Tokyo, or Frankfurt.  The only exception might have been a major policy announcement from the OPEC countries about global oil prices.  But the Chinese government made history a few days ago by announcing a set of policy...

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How to Lose Millions in Speculative Currency Trading by Kavaljit Singh

This scandal has busted several myths associated with the risk management systems of banking sector. First, banks and financial institutions do not have better governance and risk management systems than the non-financial corporate sector. Second, technical solutions and models (e.g., VaR), howsoever sophisticated these may be, are of little help...