Published Articles

Paul A. Renaud, early 1997:
For the next 3-5 years, smaller Thai value shares should beat all else on the SET
Final days of year 2000:
Thailand has entered a new bull market

SE-ED worth a glance
The Bangkok Post, 18.1.2001
Volume is not the only yardstick
The Bangkok Post, 11.1.2001
Learning from best, worst calls of 2000
The Bangkok Post, 4.1.2001
Thinking behind value investing
The Bangkok Post, 28.12.2000
Why the SET is likely to rally
The Bangkok Post, 21.12.2000
Bank savings are not the only option
The Bangkok Post, 14.12.2000
US site a model of Independence
The Bangkok Post, 7.12.2000
Strong Reasons to think small
The Bangkok Post, 30.11.2000
The tide is turning
The Bangkok Post, 26.11.2000
An appetising dish to put on your menu
The Bangkok Post, 23.11.2000
Local graphs dont tell the whole story
The Bangkok Post, 16.11.2000
Mini-Angels’search for outlets
The Bangkok Post, 9.11.2000
Bargains hidden amid the rubble
The Bangkok Post, 2.11.2000
Forget the rumours:
Its exports, stupid!
The Bangkok Post, 26.10.2000
Is Cybercity a pipe dream
The Bangkok Post, 12.10.2000
Think small when studying the SET
The Bangkok Post, 5.10.2000
IPO is OK but not issue methods
The Bangkok Post, 21.9.2000
Offers to liven Energy sector
The Bangkok Post, 14.9.2000
It’s time to get back to values
The Bangkok Post, 31.8.2000
Crying need for stop-loss orders on SET
The Bangkok Post, 24.8.2000
Vital to register foreign’shares
The Bangkok Post, 17.8.2000
Treasury trade could help SET
The Bangkok Post, 10.8.2000
Some good pickings among the debris
The Bangkok Post, 3.8.2000
Phuket cyber plans seen as unrealistic
The Bangkok Post, 25.7.2000
Zinc smelter is value play
The Nation, 9.7.2000
Failing to take long-term view
The Nation, 2.7.2000
Invest on the right terms
The Nation, 25.6.2000
Index funds miss bargains
The Nation, 14.5.2000
Tax debate
The Nation, 30.4.2000
Value shares slowly appear across the SET
The Nation, 26.3.2000
Smart companies agree to disagree
The Nation, 27.2.2000
Myths of Daytrading on SET
The Nation, 16.1.2000
SET has hidden gems, says expert
The Nation, 13.1.2000
Thai poultry-producers no chicken feed
The Nation, 9.1.2000
Agro industry is vital to nation
The Nation, 19.12.1999
CM Frozen Foods stock recommended
The Nation, 12.12.1999
Insurance can get tricky
The Nation, 28.11.1999
Local Bond markets a must
The Nation, 21.11.1999
The proof is in the results
The Nation, 14.11.1999
Small can be big in value
The Nation, 17.10.1999
Foreign shares offer benefits
The Nation, 10.10.1999
Real values in small stocks
The Nation, 12.9.1999