Introduction Topics

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Smarter alternative for more sophisticated investors.

"Go direct" is their often a smarter mandate/alternative for more sophisticated investors. 

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Beware of brokerage buy/sell reports, conflicts of interest.

Beware of Thai brokerage stock- buy/sell reports.  Over many years I have often noticed discrepancies, omissions -or worse. Sometimes these are honest analyst mistakes of course, other times there can be and there are clear conflicts of interest -which are not so obvious to most investors.  Just fewest examples: its not mentioned in their report how the company has signaled...

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Here are some thoughts to consider getting going on an annual contributing membership here.

In the long past we used to, for many years, have the annual contributing membership in the range around 300 US$.   But we realized back then lots of amateurs signed-up with...

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Lack of better Thai Consumer-Lending protection, is a real culprit.

Lack of better Thai Consumer-Lending protection, is a real culprit. Thai consumer lending ethics and a lack of better usury-law protection is a real shortcoming here, which nobody seems to talk about.

Much has been rightly so alarmed here regarding very high levels of Thai consumer debt. Yet little about consumer finance companies practices...

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Thailand at last has a new Govt. and Prime minister.

Post 3 months of juvenile political tactics, maneuvering and delays: Thailand at last, has a new Govt. and Prime minister.

Its far from the ideal outcome and enough has been said and voices in many other/various local and international reports. Say no more here.   Yet, the new PM...

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More on Investor traps and other thoughts.

Along with other recently related to this same "investor-beware" topic.  Here are further investor traps & risks, explored/explained and a bit reviewed.

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Soon we will know we're the winds blow.

Thai politics could swing either way now, move forward to a better way -or stuck in its old ways. Very soon we should know! As the long saga is coming to a climax, I sense.

On another note, at the beginning of this year lots of China bulls were acclaiming...

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A major mkt. bottom is/has formed.

We can see that even while Thai politics is, lets say and understate at a stalemate and disappointing, the SET, it looks like just refuses to go lower.  Ask yourselves why?  Markets are always forward looking and comparative, to investor alternatives. And these are not much rosier.  US horror politics, while very different, are equally in disarray, EU is flirting with recessions,...

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The SET remains stuck -at a likely important bottoming out-level.

Its going to likely get better soon on the newly formed Thai Govt. front.. but Mr. Market is taking a more tame "lets wait and see" attitude. Going too here is often much less then certain.  Yet, bargain hunters on quality stocks like AUCT, TOG and SICT (a growth stock) on any weakness, should...