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Ample liquidity, pent-up demand and massive vaccinations a reality.

Stock markets remain buoyant on massive govt. spending, liquidity and anticipated (perhaps temporary) inflation.  At the SET the retail investors have come back which has woken up many smaller cap stocks. :)

Ample liquidity, pent-up consumer demand besides massive vaccinations is the new reality in developed countries -and starting to...

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Sunday morning in the mist.

The covit19 pandemic situation is again getting more dire in Thailand. The difference now is “all hell has broken loose” in getting millions of vaccines into this country fast. This is starting to happen.

Last month I rightly so turned more SET cautious as here then expressed.  Yet, I turned...

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Regular Member-forum postings.

We have an active member-forum lounge, where I (in addition to regular articles) regularly post short added value comments on stocks or in general. Here is an example from mid May:

While there are some good Thai stocks to be picked, choices which are not much affected and/or keep paying...

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Memory lane on the 24th Annivesary. is 24 years old now. Its been a long ride, mostly to superior returns in the old fashion way...through hard work and ups and downs.

On the 24th anniversary I feel compelled to write a bit of a memory-lane here today, at the As always, all members...

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SET stuck if you only consider the SET index benchmark.

We are at a difficult juncture investor wise at the SET, that is if you only consider the SET index benchmark.

Covit19 is back in full force here while the SET remains just shy of 1600; a major resistance point as mentioned in previous posts. I...

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Sweet spot on Thai stocks, near 1600 on the SET index.

Sweet spot on Thai stocks now going into April, near 1600 on the SET index while many stocks going XD in April.

We are now at a sweet spot in stocks, here as most places. The SET hovering just below 1600 which is a major...

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Members also benefit from regular Forum-Posts.

Contributing members here have benefits on often superior investor returns, as well as gain knowledge in becoming a better overall investors! Below are two postings I made for members -of late.  All contributing members receive an e-mail instantly when any new member-forum postings (or articles) are posted. Here...

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The US high-tech sell off -and why. Thailand shielded for now.

Why are Thai stocks not selling off like US shares did this week? Likely because Thailand has no real high-tech companies to speak off -and so is shielded from what is happening now in the US, as I explain in this article.

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Person A vs. person B. 10 to 1.

Person A vs. person B, a 10 to 1 difference in income. Where a 1 mill. Baht stock investment yields more than a safe 10 mill Baht in the Bank. Safe, but inflation adjusted, is it?

A friend of mind, call him person A, told me...