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Year 2022 will mark the end of low inflation & ultra low interest rates era.

Time are changing to a recovering Thai economy next year but along with that, new headwinds of higher interest/inflation in time.

I am proud to say, I here predicted often, how low interest rates would prevail and be positive for stocks.  But that low interest rates' era, over a...

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Lots of investors think stocks should be rationally analyzed...

Below is bit of restatement on how I view to invest beyond just number crunching/valuation with 4 current examples -and a brief summary why. One can see how pro or neg present sentiment plays into some, to one's advantage -I believe.

Lots of investors think stocks should be...

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Thailand, it’s a very different investor scenario. "The movie in reverse".

The pandemic numbers here seem to be getting a bit better, while at the same time the market did not breakdown before -as many feared.  Time will tell.

With the SET benchmark index back at 1600, a major resistance point, one has to wonder will it, on...

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Observations from a long time professional investor.

Observations from a long time/real time, professional investor.

In Thailand, I think more then elsewhere, there are lots of engineers and doctors -which is great. But for the most part these often do not make good stock market investors. This I've observed again and again over my entire 40 year...

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Next global crisis? Are we not already in one lingering on.

It remains a dire conversation to increasingly many as there could be another global and/or Thai meltdown in the making. But what caveats/triggers could predicate this?

Of course, many have predicted this ever since the last 2008 N. Atlantic induced financial crisis.  Year after year predicting the next...

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The winning investor theme for 30 years.

The basic winning investor theme here for over 25 years. With a set back in years 2017 to 2019.

The key here to understand the investor success theme here over 25 years is very simple:  institutions are/must be interested to only invest in stocks which have...

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The untold truth of the Thai stock market -this year.

The broad average bigger cap Thai stock is up barely 2% so far this year 2021, compared to the average broad smaller cap stock index, is up average 46.3%!  Here I show the evidence.     

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Use Thai brokers to buy Thai stocks, but make sure you have a local address.

Use Thai brokers to buy Thai stocks at lower commission rates, but make sure you have a local address.  Issuing of prospectuses is paramount regardless what the local practice is on that.  Beware of all those tech-analysis self acclaimed...

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Ample liquidity, pent-up demand and massive vaccinations a reality.

Stock markets remain buoyant on massive govt. spending, liquidity and anticipated (perhaps temporary) inflation.  At the SET the retail investors have come back which has woken up many smaller cap stocks. :)

Ample liquidity, pent-up consumer demand besides massive vaccinations is the new reality in developed countries -and starting to...