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The Thai stock market is stuck in a groove.

The Thai stock market is stuck in a groove until meaningful reforms take place, by the brokers as well.

Many seasoned observers here know the reasons, beyond just “global events”, which are soo often cited by the gnomes running things here.  I can’t resist to...

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The Thai Stock Market overall remains a bear-market.

The Thai Stock Market remains overall in a bear-market. But with investor "diamonds in the rough", to be and I have found.

There are many reasons for this. Local analyst/reports Thai Biz. & politicians and more mostly blame outside forces -instead of looking inward.  As mentioned here often...

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SET bear market on-going in good part due to lack of broker/exchange reforms.

The SET's overall wealth-destruction during the past 10 years is outright appalling if not galling.  But there is a silver lining to those who paid closer attention here.  A market of stocks more than a stock market.  

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SET capitulation at last is happening.

The first week of October was an important inflection point for the Thai SET exchange. As it finally dawned on that speculative big cap. stocks chasing are not sustainable -and in fact a speculative driven phenomena.  Now likely ended!   Call it a capitulation point.  "Revenge of the nerds". 

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Smarter alternative for more sophisticated investors.

"Go direct" is their often a smarter mandate/alternative for more sophisticated investors. 

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Beware of brokerage buy/sell reports, conflicts of interest.

Beware of Thai brokerage stock- buy/sell reports.  Over many years I have often noticed discrepancies, omissions -or worse. Sometimes these are honest analyst mistakes of course, other times there can be and there are clear conflicts of interest -which are not so obvious to most investors.  Just fewest examples: its not mentioned in their report how the company has signaled...

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My contribution to be a better more informed Thai stock market investor, but now global investor comments (not speculators),  as viewed by a long professional with unbiased world-investor & cultural experienced opinions.

In the long past we offered for many years an annual contributing membership in the range of around 300-600...

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Lack of better Thai Consumer-Lending protection, is a real culprit.

Lack of better Thai Consumer-Lending protection, is a real culprit. Thai consumer lending ethics and a lack of better usury-law protection is a real shortcoming here, which nobody seems to talk about.

Much has been rightly so alarmed here regarding very high levels of Thai consumer debt. Yet little about consumer finance companies practices...

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Thailand at last has a new Govt. and Prime minister.

Post 3 months of juvenile political tactics, maneuvering and delays: Thailand at last, has a new Govt. and Prime minister.

Its far from the ideal outcome and enough has been said and voices in many other/various local and international reports. Say no more here.   Yet, the new PM...