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US stocks likely in a bear market now vs. SE Asia a good place to be.

US stocks in a bear market -not likely to end soon.  SE Asia a good place to be but selectivity is key vs. just broad ETF's.

Lots of postings and comments lately by investor pro's on USA stocks getting slammed and where the bottom may be etc...I...

PaulRen's picture keeps delivering, since 1997. A short review.

A short review "down memory lane" of where I stand -and how keeps delivering, since 1997.

Up until last year, for many years before, I here stated and argued how the broad level of global interest rates would stay low and even drop more -and how...

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Low leverage and a disconnect to global troubles.

A great place for investors to be during the continued world turmoil.

As interest now rise, lead by the US, its more important then ever to gear investments in places/areas/companies which have low debt i.e. low leverage. Many companies in Thailand for one lead on this.  Especially select smaller cap...

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Hiding it out investor-wise, in Thai niche companies. With No correlation.

With the Putin assault/war going on in Ukraine and all that devastation and sorrow there, glad to be hiding-out investor-wise in Thai niche companies.

Have most of you noticed with this new war tragedy now, just about no news-media talks about covit-19 anymore.  Vs. up until exactly 4 weeks ago -it...

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On SET market correlation. What it may mean.

On SET market correlation. What it may mean when a stock moves closely with the SET index, or not.

It worth noting how PPM of late seems to move closely with the overall market. I.e. if the SET corrects, so does PPM -and visa versa.  There...

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Post Ukraine/Russia crisis -hang in there.

Post Ukraine/Russia tragedy. Longer term investors hang in there.

I am not likely to make any changes to my investor outlook or model portfolio, post the Ukraine/Russian fall out.  I duly note how the US market sold off nearly 900 points at the opening, only to...

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Thai market likely more resilient to US % rate rises and Ukraine stand off.

Thai stock market lasting reaction to US interest rate increases besides Russia/Ukraine standoff, like to be less severe.

For some time I have warned people privately and here on the over-hyped US tech stocks. Their glorious upward trend was finally broken as the NY 2022 started. It obviously...

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Big Investors are starting to shift toward SE Asia.

The investor winds are shifting toward SE Asia.

Lots of different people and investors ask:  why an increase, to yet still very low interest rates, is such a big deal?  Well, as a doubling of the level of US interest rates, means a doubling of all...

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Year 2022 will mark the end of low inflation & ultra low interest rates era.

Time are changing to a recovering Thai economy next year but along with that, new headwinds of higher interest/inflation in time.

I am proud to say, I here predicted often, how low interest rates would prevail and be positive for stocks.  But that low interest rates' era, over a...