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Thailand is well positioned Geo-politically.

Thailand is Geo-politically well positioned.

Thailand stock market (SET) has recently re-emerged and set a 24 year high when in September, just as N. Korea was firing rockets, the SET index rocketed higher. To date this has been mostly in "SET50" high cap stocks,...

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Comparative analysis is lacking.

The fair and complete comparative comparison is often lacking.  As it takes a true and objective internationalist.

On a fairly irregular, regular basis I receive mail or comments on the many Thai shortcomings. These are often well intended and correct, but not complete...

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The end of Quarter 3. Patience persists.

October 1. The end of another Quarter.  Positioned and ready for year 2017.

Manufacturing activity in China continued to rebound in September on improving production and demand, a government report showed at the end of September. A positive sign for the world's second-largest economy...

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Contrasting is key when evaluating countries.

Contrasting is key when evaluating different countries and yet this is precisely what most global investors and observers alike,  fail to grasp.  Here I dare to just mention a few.

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An uneventful anniversary. Investor/member patience endures.

An uneventful 19th anniversary.  Investor/member patience endures while I wish to rehash the below during a time of brake from the Thai heat.

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Trump may be a triumph for SE Asia.

Trump's proposed changes may be a triumph for SE Asia.

As Mr. Trump continues to lead in US politics its not unreasonable to expect he just may go all the way?  Or, at least is having some influence on some real changes coming; despite...

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Reflections into the New Year 2016.

Reflections into the New Year 2016.  Be patient, focused and resilient.

Traveling to Singapore or Hong Kong includes the invariable experience of people there making jokes on/around or of Thailand.  Some better than others, most outright silly.  It almost always includes the true after statements on lack...

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Qualitative vs. Quantitative

In-person company visits are one essential ingredient to the long-term investor success -here delivered since 1997.

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Western inherent biased views. Once again.

Beware around Western Press beside Bank distortions.  Press reports and Bank's inherent biased views as we see yet again.

Recently the UK Financial Times press stated in a headline how the Chinese tourist are dwindling when in fact we see a real boom here in Thailand by these. *  Why such...