Lack of better Thai Consumer-Lending protection, is a real culprit.

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Lack of better Thai Consumer-Lending protection, is a real culprit. Thai consumer lending ethics and a lack of better usury-law protection is a real shortcoming here, which nobody seems to talk about.

Much has been rightly so alarmed here regarding very high levels of Thai consumer debt. Yet little about consumer finance companies practices which eagerly facilitate all this -at high profit margins.  We Ask: do these always show the exact annual percentage charged and this shown in the clearest terms? Do they allow instant and easy early repayment -with no penalties? A consumer indebted person wanting to pay off his/her loan is often here told to "come back another day as first need to tabulate the amount still owed”. These stalling and other such tactics need to be addressed by the regulators and Bank of Thailand.  Soft, or not, predatory lending practices may prevail here ..and better Thai consumer loan protections need to be forthcoming.  As lack on addressing this may destabilize the economy here in time.

Paul A.Renaud.