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                                            is about value & rational investing since 1997. 
            April 30 2021, marked the 24th anniversary of which is the oldest continuously & original running web site in Thailand.  Delighted that for over 2 decades helped many in becoming more knowledgeable & responsible stock investors -while often helped these create superior investor returns -as the long track record here shows.
Today, August 1st, as a Swiss, I/we celebrate the Swiss National holiday!
We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers, just publishers of unbiased & experienced & professional viewpoints.  "INTEGRITY IS MY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE".  

Since April 30 1997, I have full time and with passion delivered professional, objective, unbiased Thai stock market investor opinions & views.  Creating substantial new wealth over time. Visited in person over 150 CFO/CEO's of Thai listed companies. Then wrote company visit reports-views & pictures for contributing members  which most all renew year after year.  Members benefit to better stock market direct investing knowledge & to superior investor returns over time.  The long record shows this through...

Latest Published Articles:

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The untold truth of the Thai stock market -this year.

The broad average bigger cap Thai stock is up barely 2% so far this year 2021, compared to the average broad smaller cap stock index, is up average 46.3%!  Here I show the evidence.     

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The publication of my new/latest Model Portfolio, for members.

Today, I dare to introduce my new/latest model portfolio, post the SET sell-off which I expected as here expressed for 2-3 months.  As in the past, I have a 1 year investor objective time frame, or before.  Because I am diversified in different industries along with 9 different companies it can be considered a...

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NYT, new export stock idea. I view it as a buy.

New investor purchase view here on NYT for the reasons as here summarized for members.

NYT (4.58) is my new choice as exporter. Benefiting from the buoyant exports of cars which is becoming more and more impressive while having nothing to do with Thai economic or tourism malaise.

While I...

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Use Thai brokers to buy Thai stocks, but make sure you have a local address.

Use Thai brokers to buy Thai stocks at lower commission rates, but make sure you have a local address.  Issuing of prospectuses is paramount regardless what the local practice is on that.  Beware of all those tech-analysis self acclaimed...

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TOG, company visit through their SET Oppt Day presentation on June 17.

TOG remains a favored small cap here. This company is a long established dominant exporter of glass/lenses increasingly benefiting from 4 distinct events. Massive new on-line time in key markets, aging demographics besides massive govt. handouts, wearing glasses is no longer the stigma -in fact increasingly a fashion statement by many. 

After listening to their...

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