The Buy and Hold fallacy.

So called "Buy and hold" investor advocates', try (often in disguise), to support the notion not to be an active investor around individually selected securities -and then to micro manage these through selective profit taking and re-balancing over time.  Many for various reasons want you to believe to just "buy and hold" the portfolio, even while the world is changing faster than ever before.  Managing a portfolio of securities is a form of art and one which can be learned and when done with some discipline and skill can lead to substantial greater returns over time.  Especially if one appreciates some distinct advantages individual investors have over mega institutions and their share liquidity constraints.


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"Thailand is initiating large new infrastructure spending in year 2016. Investors would be wise to pay attention as it will lift the economy and bring a sort of mini-boom to some key sectors by mid-2016.   Many smaller companies will benefit;  sold down listed companies which are mostly off-the-radar screens by institutions and brokers alike.  It's the real Thailand which often gets ignored.  I predict substantial share price appreciation will unfold by such leading smaller infrastructure/construction-related firms.  Many of which I know well and have visited in person over the years".  December 27 2015.  Paul A. Renaud.

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