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Beyond -until meaningful real reforms take place. has been about rational & value investing, since 1997.  April 30 '2024 marks its 27th anniversary which then will end my running this site due to lack of real SET reforms and offering this best-name & long lasting site/URL  For Sale.     

We are not and never were investment nor financial advisors/nor fund managers,  just publishers of unbiased, experienced & long professional viewpoints with 40+years of investor experience.  As always since 1997, I here only publish my own unbiased view points".  "Integrity has always been my competitive advantage".   

April 12 2024. Happy Songkran Thai New Year 2024.   

There is a tunnel-underpass here which is a bit narrow, so it clearly states "no motorbikes allowed".  Yet, just about every week there is an accident in there, almost always due to a motorbike crashing.  Then the whole tunnel shuts down sometimes for many hours.  Yet, Thai police are never there to fine the offenders (yes, foreigners as well).  So this sad saga continues' week after week for years already: Tunnel closed, huge traffic congestion yet again and again all because violators do not get fined -coming out the tunnel.  And the tragedy continues. So for some time most responsible car drivers avoid this underpass as they never know if its closed again, all due to violators not getting fined.  Similar on the Thai Stock exchange (SET) were violators (and brokers) hardly...

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Its getting more and more unhinged -globally.

Things are getting more and more unhinged, globally.  Most all EU politicians, as is AU/NZ, are sadly in the US Govt. pocket.  Call it "the crocodile jaws".  Ukraine is clearly faltering... IRAN is now very upset in getting its Embassy bombed & top people killed, which is against all international...

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The end of, as it was since April 1997.

The end of, as its been full time since 1997.   For some 2-3 years I have taken the more bearish view here...mostly due to lack of SEC/SET & Broker industry reforms -a long stalemate.

April 30th 2024 marks the 27th Anniversary of this longest Thai running web site,...

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Speculating on overvalued stocks is the "kiss of death", in a bear market.

A paramount reason for the SET and its industry failing is not just languished Thai economic growth but their behavior, in my view.  As here warned/outlined for some time over the past years. To no avail.

Over many years in the now past I often encouraged brokers & management here to...

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PPM, at last comes through.

PPM (2.78) just now reports very strong 4Q earnings of over 65 mill. vs. 36 mill compared to previous 4 Q.  Up + 91% up!  Wow, so mgt. was right/credible to predict all along things would turn around!  They sure have. "2,128.73% from the year earlier".   PPM was alway here viewed...

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On the ill-discrimination to Expats here, on getting their free warrants. NVDR Holders.

I complained/mentioned this new contentious issue to a couple of brokers here -and the SET (see below) regarding this new trend emerging on excluding NVDR holders to get their entidelt free warrants, if/when a company has such an offering.  As was the case lately with DEMCO, BRR and RML, from what I know...

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