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  is about value & rational investing since 1997.  April 30 2022, marked the 25th anniversary.  The so longest continuously running web site in Thailand.  I here for long help in being a more knowledgeable & responsible Thai stocks investor -while often demonstrated creating superior investor returns "Integrity is my competitive advantage".  We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & professional viewpoints with long experience.    
On the Thai IPO market/process: The first week of November 2022, the biggest IPO of 2022, Betagro (BTG 32.50),  flopped.  As so often here, the investment bankers likely overpriced this deal hoping speculators would "save the day".  A long practice here which may be starting to flounder.  Almost so to camouflage post-IPO performance, there are no 3, 6, 12 month follow-ups on how Thai IPO' stock price-performed, post their IPO's listings.  Like is a practice in other mkts.   Over 2 months later, Jan. 16, 2023 , BTG, IPO which was priced at 40 Baht, remains some 20% below its IPO price -even while the SET index is 4% higher during this same 2 month period. January 15th 2023.   ***
All stock investors fear so called “value traps” i.e. “Wall Flowers” -which rarely flourish -stock price wise.  Fair enough.  But the opposite is true as well -rarely explained!  Inefficiently priced value choices. Where brokers and institutions' alike only...

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Addressing laggards. STA/STGT

STA/STGT have both been big laggards due to the near complete recovery of Covit -and at the very same time way-over production expansion by Top Glove in Malaysia, the world's biggest protective glove producer...where there now is a continued global surplus along with dropping prices! I so for long not cover these stocks -nor have followed up.   Realize, TOP Glove share...

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Health insurance in Thailand, beware.

Health insurance in Thailand leaves allot to be desired for expats residing here. In general, I find the Thai health insurance industry/companies to be well behind developed countries with potential consumer abuses due to misunderstandings or worse, at times brought on by lame agents. 

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Thai SET dominated by the punters/speculators.

SET fails rational investors in reigning in the day-trading speculators on being lame on taming (like they do on other companies), the most active punted stock here.

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FSMART (12.30) is a quality Thai domestic play back on my list.

FSMART (12.30) is a quality Thai domestic play growth and dividend stock -with a good reputation. Posted at 2:25PM today. Its recent stock price drop is overdone in my view.  I rate it an accumulate buy!  I follow FSMART for some 3 years, visited them in person in the past, wrote it up as a...

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SMD far too cheap with still good prospects in 2023.

Here are 2 postings made in our active member-only lounge December 2nd, 2022.

I still like SMD (8.60) this stock is now dirt cheap trading at a trailing p/e of only 5.5 with likely some continued dividends.  SMD did report 0.30 EPS in the 3Q. despite the near total drop off of Covit testing...

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