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4 Interesting facts:  30 April 1975 was the Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET) officially started trading date. site's anniversary is April 30 1997.  And my own birthday is April 30.   The new SET president is a University of Wisconsin, USA Graduate, and so am I. :)

Introduction is about value investing since 1997!

April 30 '18, marked our 21th Anniversary.

INTEGRITY IS OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. is an intelligent investment club delivering unbiased, objective & professional viewpoints since 1997.  

Through this media, since April 1997, I share proprietary professional viewpoints, articles, in-person company visit reports with managing directors and regular Thai stocks investor intelligence on all aspects to successful investing.  We also run an active-member forum. 

Thai IPO's average year 2018 performance are not shown in numbers .
For transparency, Thai brokers and/or SET should publish composite average IPO % performance for year 2018.  Here tabulated at -9% return assuming equal IPO Baht investment in every, at the offering price.  Yet, this is not representative as some of the best performing ones', where near or impossible to get any.. Conclusion on this yardstick, the Thai retail investors did overall poorly investing in IPO's here in year 2018.   Email me and I will send you the spreadsheet with the evidence, as I don't think its published anywhere else.
  January 31 2019.

The changing colors of the Thai stock exchange,  SET.  Participation in the SET by individual retail...