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                                            is about value & rational investing since 1997.    "Integrity is my competitive advantage".
           April 30 2021, marked the 24th anniversary of The so longest continuously & original running web site in Thailand.  Delighted how for over 2 decades I here helped many in becoming more knowledgeable & responsible Thai stock investors -while often demonstrated in creating superior investor returns -as the long track record here shows.   We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & professional viewpoints.  

There are many things which are a bit off in the Thai stock market and Thai brokers are overall just average, as are their picks which can at times be way off.  In stock markets this is a real advantage as it often means mis-pricings to take advantage of!  In the US market its far more difficult as there are many good brokers besides ample smart investors there....and so its very difficult to beat them. But not here.  Also US stocks are likely now overvalued. Its unfortunate that many expats and others do not grasp this and just assume things in life which could be far better -are often best


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PPM, glad to have caught it early today.

Regarding my new high growth stock idea, PPM (3.68)  as here posted early this morning in our lounge.

This morning at 10:17 AM, I posted the following in our Member-Lounge, “Timely Ideas”.  Here is a follow up, at 4:30 PM, as the stock had a formidable 8.2% rise today. Just...

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Hollywood movies often wrongly portray the US securities industry.

Recently I got this mail from a peron of some standing outside our industry which watched the movie “The Big Short” on Netflix. He was appalled and told me so as it stated its based on a “true story”. 

   Paul, have you watched The Big Short

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Last article of this year. Ah those non-vaccers!

First and foremost Happy & Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2022 to all of you here. And yes, in this order.

Consider the below as my last article of the year, which has nothing to do with Thai stocks.
In the US, by...

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Year 2022 will mark the end of low inflation & ultra low interest rates era.

Time are changing to a recovering Thai economy next year but along with that, new headwinds of higher interest/inflation in time.

I am proud to say, I here predicted often, how low interest rates would prevail and be positive for stocks.  But that low interest rates' era, over a...

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Fallacies and more on the investor front.

Fallacies and incomplete conclusions on the investor front.

Recently I saw a 10 or 12-year graph which compared Bitcoin price movements to the price of Gold, what an incredible divergence.  With Bitcoin soaring and gold basically doing very little in comparison.  This can lead to the...

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