Financial Investor seminars, or sales pitches?


When/if attending so called Financial Investor seminars.

When attending so called financial seminars do these explain or at least touch on the often smaller cap. stocks investor advantage individuals can have?  Do they explain or at least touch on the often inept or outright conflict of interest many brokers/marketing officers may have towards retail investors?  Do they empower you, as seen from your investment interest;  or are they just gearing up toward selling you some new investor product?  These should be among the real tests on viability, credibility and objective validity of so called flourishing investor conferences...,yet too often turned into a sales pitch in disguise.

Paul A. Renaud.

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"Thailand is now initiating large new infrastructure spending.  Investors would be wise to pay attention to this as it will lift the economy and bring a sort of mini-boom to some key sectors by mid-2016.  Many smaller companies will benefit;  sold off listed companies which are mostly off-the-radar screens by institutions and brokers alike.  It's the real Thailand which often gets ignored.  I predict substantial share price appreciation will unfold by such leading smaller infrastructure/construction-related firms.  Many of which I know well and have visited in person over the years".  September 30th 2015.  Paul A. Renaud.

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