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     is about value & rational investing since 1997.    "Integrity is my competitive advantage".  April 30 2022, marked the 25th anniversary.  The longest continuously running web site in Thailand.  I here for long helped being a more knowledgeable & responsible Thai stocks investor -while often demonstrated creating superior investor returns.  We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & professional viewpoints.    
Stock investors fear so called “value traps” i.e. “Wall Flowers” -which never flourish -stock price wise.  Fair enough.  But the opposite is true as well -rarely explained!  Inefficiently priced value choices. Where brokers and institutions alike only consider larger cap. stocks, ignoring the rest... a practice going-on for decades.  Its only because their handicap requiring high trading liquidity.  Yet most high net worth investors don’t have this same constraint and so have a true -long in making- mkt. pricing inefficacy, advantage!  Here that makes all the difference -as such are "less filling and taste great" choices.  Often paying double the SET averaged in dividend yields often around 5%.  Have superior long term growth rates along with less volatility/correlation to Western markets.  I know them like few others.
On the Thai IPO market/process. The first week of November, the biggest IPO of the year Betagro, flopped.  As so often here, the investment bankers overpriced the deal hoping speculators would...

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A sad reality persisting to many investors' detriment.

It has often amazed me how most people...

Over many years running and me being in the professional investment biz. for over 40 years it often amazed me how most people have no problem paying for professional help, wether its to repair an A/C,  a car mechanic, a...

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Too often just not putting the customer first. Thai culture observations.

In fact, a cultural norm handicap it appears.  Many good things are here, but this one needs change. Will the majority ever get it? Not while I've been here.

Many many years ago in 1989, when I first moved to Thailand, I met a mid aged nice common Thai...

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A re-assess of things/life/profession -likely to a new way.

Last Saturday around 5 PM, hiking in the jungle here I had the bad fortune of a heart attack. It came on as I was hiking down hill and I at first mistakenly thought it was just the after effect of a cold, I had the previous week (not covit).  Had...

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TOG the top choice here of late, and clear winner.

“IF you can’t beat them, then don’t join them!" Part 2.  TOG the winner.

In my last member article, I made investor things very clear to you all:   “IF you can’t beat them, then don’t join them!  Here is what I view doing rational investor wise”. ...

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Always sell when in a bubble. Avoid Thai IPO's for now.

Lots of crying here now by many angry global investors whom failed to nail profits last year when US lead stock/bond markets were clearly exuberant.  Surely its up to investors to at times demand some selling when mkts. are in a bubble.  Regardless of the investor objective. Not just await the...

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