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Introduction is about rational & value investing since 1997.  April 30 '2023, marked the 26th anniversary.  The so longest continuously running web site in ThailandFor over a quarter-of-a-century we here bring knowledgeable & responsible objective Thai stocks investor acumen -while often creating superior investor returns in time.  I here only publish my own unbiased view points.  

We are not investment nor financial advisors/nor fund managers  -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & long professional viewpoints with 30+years of experience.      "Integrity has always been my competitive advantage".   

November 17:  There is increasingly a crisis of confidence with Thai stock retail investors dropping to record low participation.  For long outside forces got blamed. When it's mostly the way the local brokerage industry has been run, for too long.  Directly or indirectly promoting trading vs.investing, this despite for decades many, many multiple studies have shown how amateur traders' almost always lose, over time. Then, "bitten once makes one twice shy".  This unsustainable practice here is one key reason why Thai retail investors have mostly and increasingly abandoned viewing SET-stocks as a legitimate savings mechanism over time.  Sad
November 15th:
At mid year '23 before and beyond there were lots of bearish & negative comments on global stock markets and economies worldwide, exacerbated more so then when MidEast re-flamed. This seemed to have changed dramatically...

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The Thai Stock Market overall remains a bear-market.

The Thai Stock Market remains overall in a bear-market. But with investor "diamonds in the rough", to be and have found.

There are many reasons for this. Local analyst/reports and more mostly blame outside forces instead of looking inward.  As mentioned here before often “pointing a...

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Summarize TOG's Business and future plans.

I've been asked to summarize TOG's Business and plans:

TOG (11.20) manufactures and sells optical lenses that are classified as essential consumer products. Their state mission is to be a leading and sustainable manufacturer of optical lenses. Recognized globally for consistently providing excellent service.

TOG has a strong business history spanning...

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AUCT/TOG both my medium term investor strong buy view. SICT-growth stock.

AUCT/TOG both command my medium-term investor today reaffirmed strong buy view, with SICT remains my growth stock choice.  AUCT is all domestic driven for all the good reasons we reviewed.  TOG & SICT highly profitable export companies.  

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SET lethargy continues, while my 2 favored ones' are holding up.

SET market lethargy continues in good part due to lack of needed reforms, while my 2 favored ones' are holding up.

Since the start of this year I here have voiced dire concern and so a cautious view on Thai stocks in general.  For some time since, and well...

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Reaffirming my 2 core picks. High yielding -while being defensive.

Within 2-3 weeks all 3Q. Thai listed stocks' earnings must be reported here.   My 2 core picks have been and remain: high yielding -while being defensive.

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