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For an introduction to what I stand for believe and here have demonstrated for​ ​nearly 30 years,  please take a look at this introductory article:   

Four Interesting facts:  30 April 1975 was the Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET) officially debuted. site's anniversary is April 30 1997.  My birthday is April 30.   SET president is a University of Wisconsin USA Graduate, so am I. :)

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Introduction is about value investing since 1997!

April 30 '19, marked​ our 22'nd Anniversary.

INTEGRITY IS OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. is an intelligent investment club delivering unbiased, objective & professional viewpoints since 1997.  

Through this media, since April 1997, I share proprietary professional viewpoints, articles, in-person company visit reports with managing directors besides added value Thai stocks investor intelligence on all aspects to successful long term investing.  We also run an active-member forum. 

August 21, 2019.   There remain concerning issues hindering successful Thai stock market investing, namely:  too often advocating over-trading co-mingled with conflicts of interest by brokers, staff, research reports and/or outright misinformation or bad typos by the Thai biz. press,  little information on companies in English language biz. press besides no English dedicated biz. newspaper (as there was in years' past).   Far too much focus on day-trading on stock graphs -steering not to ask investor merit questions so rarely consider fundamental analysis.  Lack of English language prospectuses here on new IPO's or PO's, which gives comprehensive up to date and broad company information even while  this is available in Thai language.  Consider the continued declining participation of Thai retail investors to presently barely 28% vs. 65-70% of average total SET volume, in years...

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