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Introduction is about value & rational investing since 1997 and  April 30 '23, marked the 26th anniversary.  The longest continuously running web site in ThailandFor over a quarter-of-a-century here bring knowledgeable & responsible Thai stocks investor acumen -while often creating superior investor returns  Here I publish my own view points.  We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & professional viewpoints with over 30 years of experience.       "Integrity has always been my competitive advantage". 

Here is the link to my very last Thai stock company article, viewpoint:   
"Your only as good as your last movie", an old rogue Hollywood saying.
I predict a soft landing for Thailand in 2023 and growth seems to be accelerating of late -with no Bank fall outs!   Its been correctly pointed out that there is much speculative activity on and around Thai stocks.  But this is not all bad as it so also means there are investor-bargains to be had which then artificially ignored. Yet pay very high current dividends.  Yet into May, DELTA stock, a much speculated overvalued stock here fo many months, finally price collapsed.  
Quality & long established listed companies which yield 6-7%...

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May 14th. Changes must be in the making!

April 30 2023, was the 26th anniversary of  The longest continuously running web site in Thailand.  Change are in the making!

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Thailand a new era here about to emerge -I dare to predict.

Thailand a new era -here about to emerge I dare to predict. Starting later next Month/May 2023.

At this Year’s Thai New Year Celebration mid-April 2023, we are entering a very interesting/key watershed moment in Thailand -and yes also so for Thai stocks.  National Thai elections will...

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BRR, Buriram Sugar, buy view here is why.

Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited, buy view and here is why:

BRR (6.25), revenue dropped significantly over the last two years from 5.8 Bill to around 4 Bill. In 2021, but last year 2022, it roared back to 7.5 bill. With net profit soaring back as...

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Is relationship vs. competence banking/good investor advise, now coming to an end?

Is "relationship banking", as opposed to competence, integrity & objective professional investor advise, stalling?

As a young business student at the University of Wisconsin in the 1970’s, I was made aware of an interesting publication called the “Wall Street Transcript” (WST). It was an A5 size large thick printed paper with perhaps...

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FSMART at currently 10.20, looks like a strong buy!

FSMART currently at 10.20 Baht looks like a strong buy to me and here is why.  To follow up my previous article on this solid, quality & growth stock a "Thai domestic play", with a decent dividend yield -and bright future.    Here is an important follow-up article to the one...

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