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Introduction is about rational & value investing since 1997.  April 30 '2023, marked the 26th anniversary.  The so longest continuously running web site in ThailandFor over a quarter-of-a-century we here bring knowledgeable & responsible objective Thai stocks investor acumen -while often creating superior investor returns in time.  I here only publish my own unbiased view points.  

We are not investment nor financial advisors/nor fund managers  -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & long professional viewpoints with 30+years of experience.      "Integrity has always been my competitive advantage".                                                                                                      

January 26th '24:   Regarding the BKK Post article on "SET president optimistic for 2024":  The following was published on in BKK-PostBag:
What is really needed are some long overdue SET/SEC besides broker reforms!  As is now far too few Thai and expat retail investors see the SET as a meaningful savings/investment vehicle, mainly due to lack of confidence...

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On the ill-discrimination to Expats here, on getting their free warrants. NVDR Holders.

I complained/mentioned this new contentious issue to a couple of brokers here -and the SET (see below) regarding this new trend emerging on excluding NVDR holders to get their entidelt free warrants, if/when a company has such an offering.  As was the case lately with DEMCO, BRR and RML, from what I know...

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TOG reports full financials, -on Valentines Day.

TOG (12.10) just after 5 PM yesterday reported its yearly financial statements to the SET.  (Feb. 14th 2023)

Its a good to great report but needs more to say/analyze then first meets the eye.  So here I do it, for us:  Net profit for all of...

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Start accumulate China select ETF's stock funds.

This is the first time I write about China investment as new value-stock investment idea, here.  (Not a Thai stock article).

I now think China stocks generally so are likely in a major bottoming process... No need to here review all the dire graphs showing the tremendous sell-off in...

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Has USA gone mad? Global risks -above Thai risks.

US stocks are likely now forming a new bubble which may well destabilize the rest of the World (again). In part for the reasons gone astray, as I deduce below.  (not a Thai stock article).

Many believe the US took a broad-dump when Biden...

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Stock prices move for many different reasons.

Stock prices move for many different reasons, far beyond the analytics. 

Stock prices (bonds prices as well, but for different reasons) move for many different reasons, soo often far beyond fundamental...

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