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Introduction-a new era has begun.

June 28 th 2020.  Thai stocks endured a substantial sell off, as most everywhere else when the CV19 hit by mid March.  Stocks sold off on margin calls -and panic.  With Thai's health care system superior as compared to many other countries, record low interest rates' likely to persist besides some shares cash dividend yields at 4-6%, compared to the Thai 10 year Govt. yield at barely 1.3%, I in mid March turned maximum bullish right at the major market bottom.  Days later published my new "bottom fishing" model portfolio -to contributing members!  Scroll down at this front opening page, and see the blue ink -and then click on "read more".   Then, in early June, I here posted to member to take profit and ended my model which by then was up 32% vs., the SET up 26%.  Today, Thailand seemed to have conquered the CV19 virus, but just about killed its economy in the process.

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                                             is about value & rational investing since 1997.
                                                                 April 30 '2020, marked our 23'nd Anniversary.

We are not an investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers, just publishers of unbiased & experienced/professional viewpoints.  "INTEGRITY IS MY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE". is an intelligent investment club delivering unbiased, objective & professional viewpoints full time, since 1997.  Through this media since April 1997, I have shared proprietary professional viewpoints, articles, over 100 in-person company interviews with managing directors.  Here is added value investor intelligence on all aspects to successful long term investing.  In early 2017 I turned increasingly Thai stocks frustrated -and so bearish.  But the massive SET drop of in mid March, was a "game changer"! 

May 22th, 2020.  After turning max. bullish in mid March (see just below) now with the SET up some 30% since, I have today turned more cautious not least due to broad earnings downgrades starting in the...

Latest Published Articles:

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AUCT, the winner.

Post its 2Q earnings release on Aug 8th,  UNION AUCTION PUBLIC (AUCT) showed us why I was max. bullish on this selections for many months already.

Here over the past few months I very favorably mentioned to contributing members AUCT (9.40) more than any other stock, even refusing...

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SET lethargy drags on as expected.

The SET lethargically moves on, vacillating around currently 1340, well below 1400 on the index.  Just as I here expected/wrote in early June. When it peaked at 1430.

My view has not changed since as the reality is now setting in: Thailand beat the CV19 for...

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Updated graph on SET vs. MAI and sSET indexes.

Updated graph on SET, vs. MAI and sSET indexes showing the divergence, yet bouncing back of late.

Here below is an updated graph showing the SET vs. MAI and sSET indexes, the latter being a good representation of the smaller cap Thai stocks which is a...

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More on the how vs. the what to invest in. Part 2.

More on the how vs. the what to invest in. Part 2.

(Here is a slightly revised and better edited article I first meant to publish last weekend, only in not being able to uploaded due to an upgrade needed. Which was done this weekend.  I...

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On the how in Thai stocks, vs. just the what.

Anatomy on the how in Thai stocks, vs. just the what. Here is one of more articles to come on this subject.

Pondering here into our rainy season, I just realized how many members over many years wrote me how they learned allot on how to...

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