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          is about value & rational investing since 1997.    "Integrity is my competitive advantage".  April 30 2022, marked the 25th anniversary of  The longest continuously running web site in Thailand.  I here for long helped being a more knowledgeable & responsible Thai stocks investor -while often demonstrated creating superior investor returns.  We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & professional viewpoints.    
Stock investors like to talk about so called “value traps” i.e.  “Wall flowers” and others -which just never flourish stock price wise.  Fair enough.  But the opposite is true as well -rarely explained!  Call them inefficiently priced value choices.  Where brokers and institutions alike only consider large cap stocks, ignoring the rest... a practice going-on for decades. Its because: these have the handicap requiring high share trading liquidity.  Yet most high net worth investors don’t have this same prerequisite and so have a true -long in making- pricing inefficacy, advantage!  In Thailand this makes all the difference -as overall such "less filling and taste great" choices pay double the SET averaged in dividend yields often around 5%. Besides have higher long term growth rates along with less volatility/correlation to Western markets.
​Mr. Steve Davis explained well in his letter to BKK Post on July 14th 2022, "Rate...

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Language interpretations can be made from just about anywhere. SET take note!

The cost of simultaneous interpreting has come way down in recent years, yet for the most part the SET and its listed companies are a "lame duck" on that, to their own detriment!

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Inflation for now likely peaking.

On inflation for now likely peaking.  Most commentators mention nothing, nor quote anybody on non-precious metal prices. Why?  Yet many experts usually look at metal prices as a leading indicator of the commodities ​cycle.  At present Copper and many metal prices are in a moving downtrend. Nickel is declining even...

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My comprehensive insights on what I look for/consider/evaluate when picking a new stock idea.

Here for the first time, I share my own comprehensive insights/list on what I look for and consider/evaluate when picking a new Thai stock idea.  While much is subjective and never ending,  I try to summarize in this important article my list of what I consider important, along...

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Looks rather insignificant to a casual observer, but may not be.

Sometimes we notice things which at first view seems insignificant, yet could well be.  Take an office higher level employee at a company which has been there for some years, yet earns (in Thailand) a relatively low salary. Surely he/she has some insights into how well or not the...
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Swiss banks immensely benefited by the strength of the Swiss currency.

Swiss money managers have immensely benefited by the strength of the CHF currency which has appreciated 75% vs. the US$ over the past half century. So, riding on the coattails of broad Swiss excellence, which (rightly so) always impresses visitors there

Over the past half-century, say...

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