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For an introduction to what I stand for believe and here have demonstrated for​ ​nearly 30 years,  please take a look at this introductory article:   

Four Interesting facts:  30 April 1975 was the Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET) officially debuted. site's anniversary is April 30 1997.  My birthday is April 30.   SET president is a University of Wisconsin USA Graduate, so am I. :)

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Introduction is about value investing since 1997!

April 30 '19, marked​ our 22'nd Anniversary.

INTEGRITY IS OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. is an intelligent investment club delivering unbiased, objective & professional viewpoints since 1997.  

Through this media, since April 1997, I share proprietary professional viewpoints, articles, in-person company visit reports with managing directors besides added value Thai stocks investor intelligence on all aspects to successful long term investing.  We also run an active-member forum. 

January 18, 2019.     Thai SET stock market Investing is a tangled web.

The SET and its brokers are a tangled web. There are core & dire concerning industry issues hindering successful Thai stock market investing. Just to name a few: as this graph shows smaller and mid cap Thai stocks have collapsed in mkt. price since 2015 (yellow line is the SET index), too often and to too many brokers advocating over-trading co-mingled with possible conflicts of interest by brokers, staff, research reports and/or outright misinformation or bad typos by the Thai biz. press, little information on companies in English language biz. press, besides no English dedicated biz. newspaper (as there was in years' past).   Far too much focus on...

Latest Published Articles:

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The end of an era

The end of an era has been slow in emerging but today its for all of us individual investors to tolerate and endure, or not.

Unfortunately, smaller cap value stocks worldwide are being ignored and the broker industry has subscribe to it as its not...

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The masked Thai stocks' bear market. Individual retail investors fleeing.

In the long and recent past years, some 2/3 of total SET trading volume was generated by individual retail investors, this has dropped to barely 30% now for some time.  This reality represents a fleeing of the SET core retail investor base.  Why?  This is rarely acknowledged by...

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Resign from, the ending.

Dear all registered members,

As we together, members, have witnessed all along with me here at the helm- how difficult it has become in Thai stocks mine field, not just because of a poor market environment but also due to an array of shortcomings. There...

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Bears vs. Bulls ratio, an extreme reading worth paying attention to.

Students and investors of stock markets know that the opposite often happens compared to what the majority in the market think.  Its called the contrarian view.  This makes sense because if most investor/traders sold out their positions on fear, they then express they are bearish (meaning they think...

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CHO in doldrums, like so many.

CHO is an example and there are so many more like this.

There is a long and short answer for why CHO, as just one example, has seen such poor price deterioration.   I've explained this horror in various macro ways at my site before, while...

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