For an introduction to what I stand for believe and here have demonstrated for 20 years,  please take a look at this introductory article:   

3 Interesting facts:  30 April 1975 was the Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET) officially started trading date. site's anniversary is April 30 1997.  And my own birthday is April 30.    Membership beyond Free Registered users is not offered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Introduction is about value investing since 1997!

April 30 '17, marked our 20th Anniversary.

INTEGRITY IS OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. is the intelligent investment club delivering unbiased, objective & professional viewpoints since 1997. frowns upon the SET/SEC and the Thai brokerage industry for issuing IPO's to foreigners living in Thailand while at the same time not making available the IPO prospectus in English.  Gulf Energy start​ed​ trading late last year​ as the largest Thai IPO, in 2017.  The company confirmed to us it has the English language prospectus which was offered to institutional investors abroad, but not to individual foreign investors in Thailand!?  Foreign and Thai investors  in IPO's are as the Thai SEC states  "encouraged to read this before investing",  besides then click a box at their Thai broker accounts that they did read this, even while its not available.   In my professional view, offering IPO's to a class of investors without the availability of a readable prospectuses goes against proper international Securities Industry standards or protocol regarding this.   January...