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                                            is about value & rational investing since 1997. 
            April 30 2021, marked the 24th anniversary of which so now is the oldest continuously & original running web site in Thailand.  Delighted how for over 2 decades helped many in becoming more knowledgeable & responsible stock investors -while often helped to show how to create superior investor returns -as the long track record here shows. We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers, just publishers of unbiased & experienced & professional viewpoints.  

Thai Optical Group (TOG, 9.55) here favorably written-up 4 months ago at 5.90, has rocketed up to 9.55 Baht yesterday -on solid volume. Thai brokers just starting to recommend now that its stock price is 65% higher then my first posting here.  (TOG) just paid a 0.21 Baht interim dividend yet still trading at a relative low 2021 p/e of 12-14. Benefiting from an export


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Property sector likely to emerge as the new SET leader for the rest of 2021.

NOBLE and ORI are 2 solid property related firms with shrewd growth prospects, low p/e’s, high current dividends -in a sector which should lead the SET for the balance of this year.  But both are far more than just plain vanilla property developers!

NOBLE (6.60) was...

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STA/STGT -an update on why I am hanging in there.

STA/STGT an update on why I am hanging in there. In one word, very likely extremely high dividend yield while awaiting a rebound.

While their price decrease is concerning/disappointing I remain of the view to hold on, as combined these 2 stocks should dividend yield some 3...

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Lots of investors think stocks should be rationally analyzed...

Below is bit of restatement on how I view to invest beyond just number crunching/valuation with 4 current examples -and a brief summary why. One can see how pro or neg present sentiment plays into some, to one's advantage -I believe.

Lots of investors think stocks should be...

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Are all money managers over paid?

Some years ago some very astute money managers earned Yale University endowment fund billions of $ in investment returns on a fully diversified portfolios, that year. When they asked for their agreed 100 mill. fee, the University's "little old ladies" screamed highway robbery! So they fired those great money managers....

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Thailand, it’s a very different investor scenario. "The movie in reverse".

The pandemic numbers here seem to be getting a bit better, while at the same time the market did not breakdown before -as many feared.  Time will tell.

With the SET benchmark index back at 1600, a major resistance point, one has to wonder will it, on...

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