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                                            is about value & rational investing since 1997.    "Integrity is my competitive advantage".
            April 30 2021, marked the 24th anniversary of  Now the longest continuously & original running web site in Thailand.  Delighted how for over 2 decades I here helped many in becoming more knowledgeable & responsible Thai stock investors -while often demonstrated in creating superior investor returns -as the long track record here proves.   We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers, just publishers of unbiased & experienced & professional viewpoints.  

Many believe consumer inflation is on the increase well into next year -and beyond. This is far from a foregone conclusion.  Iron-ore commodity as just one example dropped considerably in the past few months, copper as well while less.  Gold, despite being continuously touted as the best inflation hedge, can hardly keep above 1800 US$.  In China its been estimated that 75% of total consumer savings is in the (now increasingly shaky) real estate sector....prices there have all but peaked -if not outright falling into a new property-rut crisis?  The new covit mutation emerging has just about killed the oil price rally of late. 


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Is coming persistent inflation the biggest risk/culprit? I question?

Coming persistent inflation is the big headline-worry at present, but I question this. 

Many believe broad inflation will be persistent and on the increase well into next year and beyond.  Is this a foregone conclusion?  Iron-ore for example has dropped considerably in the past few months, copper as...

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ABC's, to invest in Thai stocks by non-Thai's.

ABC's, to invest in Thai stocks by non-Thai's.

First step is to have a Thai bank account so to collect the dividends, as Thai brokers can't endorse e-dividends.  As these are usually directly deposited to one's Thai Bank account.  Then, separately one has to open a Thai broker account which requires a...

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Reminiscences' of an investor with a professional background and long on locations experience.

Reminiscences' of a seasoned investor with a professional background and long on-location experience.  A walk down memory lane.

A prominent lawyer from England, whom thought he knew better.

A few years ago a prominent lawyer from England whom just sold his company for 100 mill. pounds...

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TOG (8.30) 3Q. earnings report.

TOG (8.30) 3Q. earnings reported late yesterday.    THAI OPTICAL GROUP PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED

TOG, a prominent model portfolio selection into 2022 reported a solid but less then 2Q. earnings performance late yesterday. Rather then taking time rehearsing all the numbers etc, pls. take a look at their professional...

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STA/STGT highest dividend paying Thai stocks.

STA/STGT highest dividend paying Thai stocks and likely to remain so in 2022.

STA (30.50) and STGT (27.25)  are 2 model portfolio selections which I refused to give up on due to my strongest conviction on continued very high dividends!  While their stock prices dropped sharply...

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