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  is about value & rational investing since 1997.  April 30 2022, marked our 25th anniversary.  The longest continuously running web site in Thailand.  I here for long help being a more knowledgeable & responsible Thai stocks investor -while often demonstrated creating superior investor returns "Integrity is my competitive advantage".  We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & professional viewpoints with over 30 years of experience.    
Its correctly pointed out that there is much speculative activity on and around Thai stocks.  But this is not all bad as it so means there are investor-bargains to be had which are so artificially ignored.  Quality long established listed companies which yield 6-7% tax favored dividends, yet still growing.  With the Thai elections coming very soon and some changes likely for the better I think, I remain very positive on my pruned list of 7-9, pointed out to contributing members along with good reasons why they are as well likely growth stocks in years to come.   I predict a soft landing in Thailand.
All stock investors fear so called “value traps” i.e. “Wall Flowers” -which rarely flourish -stock price wise.  Fair enough.  But the opposite is true as well -rarely explained!  Inefficiently priced value choices. Where brokers and institutions' alike only consider large cap. stocks, ignoring the rest... a...

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FSMART at currently 10.20, looks like a strong buy!

FSMART currently at 10.20 Baht looks like a strong buy to me and here is why.  To follow up my previous article on this solid, quality & growth stock a "Thai domestic play", with a decent dividend yield -and bright future.    Here is an important follow-up article to the one...

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Relationship vs. competence investor practices.

So called "Relationship banking" vs. competence investor practices too often reign in high-tower offices.

Many global financial centers like say Singapore/Zurich/Geneva foremost practice what is called relationship (vs. performance) banking, and it reigns!
Mostly so because of course its difficult if not impossible to predict

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TOG, a high growth/high dividend, besides defensive choice.

TOG, full 2022 year earnings report.  Thai Optical Group is a core stock choice here first written up at 6.2 Baht, some 3 years ago.  

(As here first published to members-only, on 16 Feb 2023 - 4:40pm)

TOG (9.50) late yesterday reported stellar 4 Q. and full 2022 year earnings results. ...

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US in a long secular decline ?

We usually like what we know while shying away from what we don't know much about.

One of the things I notice again and again at the web site LinkedIn is how US centric fund/money and Swiss banks are...posting at nauseam around this same theme, bull and bear...

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KTBS on TOG -way off on his estimates!

Look at KTBS broker on TOG buy recommendation back in December 2021, so way off on his estimates.

Look at the below research report from broker KTBS, published in December of 2021, when TOG (9.45) was trading at 9 Baht back then and with this analyst having a...

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