Shift back to Asia

BREXIT and its resulting disarray in Europe will now likely speed the shift of global economic activity back (even more) towards the Asia region. We already notice this when the Thai SET index barely changed after the global market jolt since June 24th.   As this graph shows, vast inequality has emerged in the developed West over the past 2 decades -and at the same time China and SE Asia lifted more people out of poverty than any country ever before in World history.

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"Thailand has initiated large infrastructure spending rolled out over the next 2 years. Investors should pay attention as it will lift the economy  besides a mini-boom to some key sectors.  Many smaller companies will benefit. Many are off-the-radar screens by institutions -and brokers alike as the real Thailand is often ignored.  Substantial share price appreciation can unfold by such leading smaller infrastructure/construction-related and other firms.  Many I know well and have visited in person over the years".  May 25 2016.  Paul A. Renaud. This alpine flower called Enzian loves to flourish on cloudy & cooler days in the mountains.  Just like investor success: get going in times of market malaise when prices are tamed.

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