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Introduction is about rational & value investing since 1997.  April 30 '2023, marked the 26th anniversary.  The longest continuously running web site in ThailandFor over a quarter-of-a-century we here bring knowledgeable & responsible objective Thai stocks investor acumen -while often creating superior investor returns in time.  I here only publish my own view points.  We are not investment-financial advisors/nor fund managers -just publishers of unbiased, experienced & professional viewpoints with 30+ years of experience.      "Integrity has always been my competitive advantage".   
September 20 2023: The SET vacillates along with no new real positive drivers. Yet, here I've just done a considerable research job with 2 master articles -for members. This on a very successfully exporter in a defensive industry which is benefiting from triple positive demographics:  Baby-boomers aging, ever more people glued on smartphones and computers, not least the much underreported "Myopia generation".  Not least yielding over 5% in current dividends, while growing and benefiting from any Thai Baht currency weakness.
August 28 2023:  Moving forward with the recently witnessed juvenile Thai political reality seeming in place;  its more important than ever to razor sharp focus on just a few very select companies which are removed from all the noise and much of the the...

Latest Published Articles:

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Smarter alternative for more sophisticated investors.

"Go direct" is their often a smarter mandate/alternative for more sophisticated investors. 

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My latest Model Portfolio, for members.

After some pause,  here is my new & latest model portfolio with conviction, post the Thai elections of mid year 2023.

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Remain TOG (12.20) Thai Optical Group bullish, Master report-part 2.

TOG (12) stock is under-owned and under-analyzed by any brokers, along with its high dividends, and so not likely to tumble on any speculative or market downdraft!

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TOG (12) Thai Optical Group bullish and here is my comprehensive report on why.

Year 2024 looks like product expansion at higher profit margins, with no share dilution. 

We listened carefully to the SET Oppt. Day, TOG presentation on September 1.  Duly noting, unlike many other listed companies, TOG has given regular such shareholder presentations for many years -and then takes...

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Beware of brokerage buy/sell reports, conflicts of interest.

Beware of Thai brokerage stock- buy/sell reports.  Over many years I have often noticed discrepancies, omissions -or worse. Sometimes these are honest analyst mistakes of course, other times there can be and there are clear conflicts of interest -which are not so obvious to most investors.  Just fewest examples: its not mentioned in their report how the company has signaled...

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