Mini-Thai Stock Market Course offers a mini-stock market course for free to help registered free users and contributing members in understanding more about the ABC's in investing in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).   The updated course is in English and well suited for foreigners but may also be of value to Thais who are interested in longer term rational investing.  In order to join you'll need to complete a shortest enrollment form.  You then will receive an auto-email everyday until course completion (10 mails).  This course is designed to help you get started, not specific investor ideas and much more  -for that you need to become a contributing member.

To get this course you will need to have an account on Thaistocks.  If not already,  you can create one for free by clicking on the "TS Membership" link in the menu at the top right.  If you already have an account, click here to start the course!

Paul Renaud  -since 1997