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13-year ProvenTrack Record

Below is my 13 year long documented track record since year 2003.  Exactly as contributing members here witnessed all along through regular and uninterrupted updates/postings at this web site.  Shown as plotted against major other indices in graph form.  These returns where posted through regularly updated every 6 month model portfolio's, for our members to monitor live -over the past 13 years.  We would loose all credibility if this was not so.   Since year ending 2015 I stopped publishing this as it was too much work and let's just say I stand to my over decades long record.  From January 2015 to September 2017,  there was a long SET market consolidation where investor returns were stagnant or even poor. I predict this period has now ended.  Yet, the lethargic performance continued until early July '18, at which point there was a more then insignificant rebound. The worst seems over.

As always, past returns are no guarantee to future results.  Shown as reference only never as specific recommendations to anybody.