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Thai smaller caps are and remain often inefficently priced.

High ranking ETF' analyst/experts and fee based investment advisors want us to believe its the only rational way to invest in equities. 

Its often their own excuse, because they are poor stock pickers and so go through all kinds of trouble still believing markets are efficiently priced and that you can't beat...

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Reminiscence of a Thai stock investor.

While the SET for now seems stuck below 800, some of my selections have been making upward moves, not least last week DEMCO. With this core choice more seasoned and recent members had ample time to load-up on, as its stock price sat around for some weeks before...

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Where is that inflation we keep hearing about for years?

Favor investments with high current income.  For example high dividend yields on un-leveraged Asian growth stocks, especially those removed from being vulnerable/dependent of Western economies. (EU & USA).

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Values promised to our members.

Unbiased reporting by a true professional which was a highly succesfull liscenced broker in USA.  Since 1989 on location here, sharing insights to succesfull Thai stock market investing -with a long track record.

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Membership has its benefits/privileges.

While it now says "free" at the front page, so to attract ever more viewers, the timely articles, member lounge and ability to ask me short questions etc..will always remain a members only priviledge!  I want to attract quality members here, not quantitiy.

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Open letter to members. Time for a change.

If I make this site free and advertise it as such with fanfare, it will drive traffic and so generate better understand on how to over time succesfully invest in Thai stocks. Especially to the expats in Thailand, which are years behind on this.

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While the West is full of fear, Asia is full of hope.

Asia is rising again, full of youth, hope and upbeat as millions are rising out of poverty.  Just as many thought world stock markets would turn down again, the reality set it that things are not as bad as lead to belive. While last year was terrible,  I remained...

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The past 12 months and the resumption of the future.

Besides all the individual growth stock picking and as I reflect back over the say past 12 months, my major views could be summarized as follows.

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Inflation to come fears are ovestated, yet again.

Beyond the US housing bonds, which proved to be a horror to say the least, in recent years there have principally been the gold & commodity investor advocates and those of us whom believe more in a diversified portfolio of long term growth stocks with high dividends.