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Value investing in Thailand has special significance.

“When investing in Thailand, individuals as institutions should focus on what Thailand does best. And the favored list does not necessarily include banking, finance, communication and/or energy stocks” says Paul  Renaud.

Despite what the Thai brokers may say, there are numerous lesser known stocks that have enough liquidity for individuals and select institutions to...

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Institutional feedback given by other professionals.

Here are some short comments given unconditionally to Paul Renaud when asked if they had anything to say.  Of course, no comments or feedback has been omitted nor changed from this inquiry.

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Bangkok Post and the Nation Newspaper.

"Paul, have you ever considered contributing a weekly or bi-weekly column to the Business section of the Bangkok Post.  I often see articles from outside contributers on the SET.   I am sure the business editor is aware of who you are and of your credentials. I am just wondering if...

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Same stock, two different conclusions.

Same investors with the same lagging stocks, but with two very different expectations, experiences and so very different investor conclusions.

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3 little stories and one conclusion.

Same investor with the same lagging stocks in this example, but with two very different expectations, experiences and so vastly different investor conclusions. 

As the trading folks advocate taking losses, with their graphs under their arms, I think one can keep accumulating the newly established deep values, now appearing as the SET hits...

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On the broker review topic

The SET paying the brokers to do the research on the many uncovered companies is not be the best move in my view; it is more like "hire the wolf to help watch the hen house".  Thai Brokers have ingrained commissiona incentives and so they may not correctly explain to private investors why it pays to...

PaulRen's picture is a Market Maven.

The word Maven comes from the Yiddish and it means one who accumulates knowledge.

In recent years economists have spent a great deal of time studying Mavens, for the obvious reason that if market places depend on good information, then people with the most information must be the most...

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The distorted SET index benchmark

The SET index benchmark is heavily tilted towards large and often lagging big cap sectors. Why does the SET not introduce another benchmark, ex-bank and finance shares?

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SET 50 versus the SET benchmark index.

The original and current investment theme by us ever since 1997 has been that:  if you look beyond the largest cap Thai shares much value besides high current income is to be found.  The Thai market is often in-efficient as