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On stock warrants, simply explained.

An updated review on what warrants are and how they work. With some recent and past examples.

A warrant is not and never will be a stock and it should never be called anything else then what it is. Marketing officers here often refer to warrants as shares or stocks, that...

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Value and Growth investor, all at once.

Value, growth and high dividend yield all at once.

Another updated introduction on why on the SET you can be both, a value and growth investors along with high current dividend income.  Its my core thesis on why unusual opportunties persist.

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It is all about buying low and selling high.

Now is the 10 year anniversary since the Asian Economic crisis broke out -and in Asia 10 years is the milestone. 

I think the long bear market in larger Thai shares is at an end -and assuming the Thai elections take place later this year, which I do- there is...

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Higher returns with less volatility.

Small cap stocks perform better -along with less volatility, so explains today" s Wall Street Journal, the Asian Edition of March 26 "07.

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Original member postings from the recent past.

Here are some original member posting from our Member Forum. has an active member forum monitored and always answered by Paul Renaud himself.

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US news articles on investing overseas.

Recently a number of new articles have been published in the US about investing overseas. Yet, the ones I have seen only cover half this topic. Why?

Author Matthew Rand reporter of Forbes just did the same, and so I felt compelled to here answer.

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Listing of Recent Member Articles.

Here is the list of the last dozen articles we published for our members during the past 2 months. Select older articles are released for all to view however the best and timeliest is kept only for members.

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Investor lessons from around the World.

High and regular cash dividends, more then anything else, is what matters most. See more solid evidence on why for years we got a great investor theme going; on and around the smaller cap. high dividend yielding, Thai value shares. Low P/E" s, above average growth rates along with high...

PaulRen's picture -- Member lounge has a quality member lounge. Here regular postings are made by members and PR himself. Questions are answered, comments are evaluated and tossed around -and actionable viewpoints are shared on an ongoing basis. No comment by any member is ever censored! The member lounge, seperated by 7 different topics....