Introduction Topics

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Some ABC's on getting started.

Here is a short review on how to get started and some fundemental understandings for newcomers.  I spend allot of time on stock choice viewpoints,  but here I take a step back to explain some of the pure and simple basics.

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Aging populations with soaring debts.

The US, EU and Australia are in decline.  They know it but it has not yet sunk in part because the dominant Western news is in denial.   Stray dogs can save lives.

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The Impatient Gene, its a fine line.

There is always turmoil and lots of negativity. There are reasons to despair and become bitter. But survivors finds his/her niche and stick to it.  Today I just jot down some more Western serious shortcomings -and why I keep-up in what I believe with endurance. 

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Seeking Investor Bones.

Where will increasingly return seeking North American investors get their yield/income requirements?   In the past they stayed mostly home, as things were going well...but no more.

When this happened in Japan some years ago, Japanese housewifes took over and diversified abroad.

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On opening a new Thai Brokerage Account.

On opening a new Thai Brokerage Account.  Beware when sending funds from abroad.

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Where is the inflation they keep warning us about?

Inflation has not roared back.  Au contraire, 2 years post the US induced financial crisis most of the world has seen price stability. This along with oil prices barely moving out of the 70-80 $ a barrel range.

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How does rank on the internet in its subject based on queries in the major search engines?  Here is a short update.

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Value investing through smaller capitalized companies.

Value investing in the concept of owning for medium term investment shares which appear undervalued, have high cash dividends whily you await -and little or no financial leverage. It assumes the minimum risk maximum return way to new wealth creation.

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Asia keeps on rising.

High US/EU government and consumer debt along with low interest rates and weak currencies there are the recipe for a re-rating in Asia.  It is one reason why the Thai stock market has held-up so well currently, despite its own political problems.