Introduction Topics

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The crisis is a major turning of events in favor of Asia.

The US hamburger crisis is a major turning of events which in time will mostly mean even more vigor to the rising Asian century. Even more now due to the US induced financial awfulness.  Crisis is opportunity and Thai stocks are now extraordinarily cheap.

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An brief introduction on what we stand for -and here share.

Here is a general introduction on a bit of who we are what is offered -and what I stand for.   April 30 ' 2015 marked our 18th year anniversary!

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Reporting what mgt. says or playing the judge?

This raises the essential question if a visiting analyst should just report what top management tells them in the visit; or instead sort of decide to "play God" in between. Here is some discussion on that very topic.  Most Thai broker analyst think they got the answer, but I dare...

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High growth and dividends, low p/e ratios and financial leverage.

I have long understood that if you get beyond the liquidity monsters, high growth in earnings can be owned at a reasonable stock price. This is the true Thai stock market success story, yet still mostly untold.

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Higher Trust favors the smaller Company here.

Culture is always strong determinant and high trust among family members in Asia leads to superior performance by smaller companies.

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Beyond the lazy US man’s/women way to global investment exposure.


To US investors whom want global exposure, I say own the real thing, and its not Coke!

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On stock warrants, simply explained.

An updated review on what warrants are and how they work. With some recent and past examples.

A warrant is not and never will be a stock and it should never be called anything else then what it is. Marketing officers here often refer to warrants as shares or stocks, that...

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Value and Growth investor, all at once.

Value, growth and high dividend yield all at once.

Another updated introduction on why on the SET you can be both, a value and growth investors along with high current dividend income.  Its my core thesis on why unusual opportunties persist.

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It is all about buying low and selling high.

Now is the 10 year anniversary since the Asian Economic crisis broke out -and in Asia 10 years is the milestone. 

I think the long bear market in larger Thai shares is at an end -and assuming the Thai elections take place later this year, which I do- there is...