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Huge premium for US small cap's vs. big discount here.

In the US smaller growth stocks trade at a huge premium as compared to the US market overall averages.  Rightly so as a company which grows twice as fast is worth three times as much.  Yet here in Thailand, its just the opposite. Conclusion: its where...

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Investor values, revenge of the nadir.

While dollar imperialism is back and emerging markets are out  of favor just now, this too will not last too long.  The new world order is for capital to move ever faster while flamboyant biz. news headlines put grease on this.  Yet, at the end of the day many emerging markets retain higher...

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Change in the winds. China sets a message.

Some reform is in the winds which we hope and believe in time will change for a more favorable re-rating.

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Value investing in Thailand. Memory Lane.

Here is an original article from year 1999. Shown exactly as I wrote it back then. Looking back with hindsight, it was right on....and continues to be.

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Stay on course.

Some more reviews on why Thai green/renewable remains the core investment thesis to value investors into 2014.  

Italy travels and tips. Private residences for rent away from home.

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Are slightly higher US interest rates really all that bad?

Paul, normally gradually increasing interest rates is incompatible with rising share prices. I fail to follow your logic?  Here  is my answer.

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Professional Introduction.

We are leading pro's with high integrity and long experience in the Thai stock market. We welcome visitors and contributing members here to help responsible investors in achieving superior returns.

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Post Thai Flood Investing.

If you understood the Thai companies, as we do here, you would be more then nibbling on the many oversold bargains now. Here on many earnings fundamentals have hardly changed, post the flooding tragedy.

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More on the ABC's in getting going.

Here is more on the ABC's as a foreigner, in getting started to responsible investing in Thai stocks.