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Are slightly higher US interest rates really all that bad?

Paul, normally gradually increasing interest rates is incompatible with rising share prices. I fail to follow your logic?  Here  is my answer.

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Professional Introduction.

We are leading pro's with high integrity and long experience in the Thai stock market. We welcome visitors and contributing members here to help responsible investors in achieving superior returns.

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Post Thai Flood Investing.

If you understood the Thai companies, as we do here, you would be more then nibbling on the many oversold bargains now. Here on many earnings fundamentals have hardly changed, post the flooding tragedy.

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More on the ABC's in getting going.

Here is more on the ABC's as a foreigner, in getting started to responsible investing in Thai stocks.

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Some ABC's on getting started.

Here is a short review on how to get started and some fundemental understandings for newcomers.  I spend allot of time on stock choice viewpoints,  but here I take a step back to explain some of the pure and simple basics.

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Aging populations with soaring debts.

The US, EU and Australia are in decline.  They know it but it has not yet sunk in part because the dominant Western news is in denial.   Stray dogs can save lives.

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The Impatient Gene, its a fine line.

There is always turmoil and lots of negativity. There are reasons to despair and become bitter. But survivors finds his/her niche and stick to it.  Today I just jot down some more Western serious shortcomings -and why I keep-up in what I believe with endurance. 

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Seeking Investor Bones.

Where will increasingly return seeking North American investors get their yield/income requirements?   In the past they stayed mostly home, as things were going well...but no more.

When this happened in Japan some years ago, Japanese housewifes took over and diversified abroad.

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On opening a new Thai Brokerage Account.

On opening a new Thai Brokerage Account.  Beware when sending funds from abroad.