Regular Member-forum postings.

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We have an active member-forum lounge, where I (in addition to regular articles) regularly post short added value comments on stocks or in general. Here is an example from mid May:

While there are some good Thai stocks to be picked, choices which are not much affected and/or keep paying high dividends during this overall macro environment which is not good.  India is a covit mess and SE Asia is as well having a hard time containing it at present -with vaccine roll-outs lame and lethargic. Even when we now need it the most!  No wonder the SET continues to dwindle down towards 1500?  I rightly resisted in not bringing on a new stock model port so far.  Stay tuned. Some of you asked for in last weeks, but I stood firm.  STGT (48) saved the day for many which stayed-on in May.  This "insurances stock" paid off in a big way.  I stand to my recent picks, NOBLE (7.30) (a domestic recovery play) , TOG (5.90) (a prominent exporter to a demographic favorable group which is seeing an economic resurgence at least for now.  Both will feature in my next model as far as I now feel/at these prices. I will also say WHA at near 3 Baht now, also looks like a good pick. (a choice from the past).  FSMART is too cheap at 7.20.  As is likely STA (46.50)!

Sentiment and liquidity is what most often drives stock (and bond) mkts and so even good choices can become even cheaper(?).  Accumulate-buy is often the wisest in such more fragile scenario as is now.  My take is in months to come the newer/more proven vaccines Asia will then get -in time and en masse-  will be the deciding factor in containing this virus and hence its economic recoveries' will then also materialize. The key with this investment strategy was/is always to own a basked of companies which pay high dividends, as we don't know the timing?  Because, as we just saw: timing was off when April gave away to May with a covit re-emerging and mkts. correcting.  One thing I know, I will not likely be able to time my model at the mkt. bottom, except to say will have a basked of good choices which in time (1 year objective) should combined do very well.

Paul A. Renaud.