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To understand more about Thai stocks. An example choice.

Lack of understanding can result in lack of trust and then so lack of appreciation. The astute global investor should take a bit of time gearing up on this. Today I share a stock I just now like and so wish to present as just one of many examples. Fact...

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Welcome to the all new!

July 14th 2015

Today is the first starting day of the all new !

Welcome to all contributing members to the new site. Thank you for the patience in getting singed...

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Mid year review and short refreshed list moving forward.

Here is a sort of mid-year review -and my updated short refreshed favored stock list, moving forward.  Get ready for our new site rollover coming the week of July 15th.

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Our 18th Anniversary -and going stronger then ever.

After months of global travels its good to get back to Thailand, on the exact date of our 18th web site anniversary.  Today I reminisce a bit on the recent past and investor thoughts.  Announcement of our new massively upgraded web site launch next month.


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Travels in the West

Travels to N. America where people are on the go, maybe more then ever before -while not noticing anything much outside their box. Deja vu all over again.  The SET gets another jolt down due to likely foreign made-up rumors  supported and enlarged by mostly poor 4th Q. profit reports released of...

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Thailand for now on a better way forward, not least as voted by the SET index.

Thailand for now is on the right and noble course so say many; not least the SET index which has outperformed just about any other market of late.

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ECF's new warrants, a fine example on new shareholder value creation.

EAST COAST FURNITECH PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (ECF, 2.36) Recently issued free warrants to its shareholder of record -and through that added nearly 9% of new shareholder value. Here explained in simple language.

An example of new value created beyond just a rising...
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Huge premium for US small cap's vs. big discount here.

In the US smaller growth stocks trade at a huge premium as compared to the US market overall averages.  Rightly so as a company which grows twice as fast is worth three times as much.  Yet here in Thailand, its just the opposite. Conclusion: its where...

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Investor values, revenge of the nadir.

While dollar imperialism is back and emerging markets are out  of favor just now, this too will not last too long.  The new world order is for capital to move ever faster while flamboyant biz. news headlines put grease on this.  Yet, at the end of the day many emerging markets retain higher...