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The US high-tech sell off -and why. Thailand shielded for now.

Why are Thai stocks not selling off like US shares did this week? Likely because Thailand has no real high-tech companies to speak off -and so is shielded from what is happening now in the US, as I explain in this article.

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Person A vs. person B. 10 to 1.

Person A vs. person B, a 10 to 1 difference in income. Where a 1 mill. Baht stock investment yields more than a safe 10 mill Baht in the Bank. Safe, but inflation adjusted, is it?

A friend of mind, call him person A, told me...

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Changes are coming./ Pointing out a market abnormality.

Changes are likely coming./ Pointing out a likely market abnormality.

I think we are increasingly at an important juncture. On the one hand the Thai economy overall is not doing well, lead with tourist arrivals being all but dead....for now. On the other spectrum the biggest market in...

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Stock prices are rarely rationally valued -for good reasons.


Contrary to the theory oriented stock gurus which love to teach this, stock prices are rarely rationally valued for good reasons. To think otherwise is an investor trap.

I am ever so often asked about what is fair equity valuation. How do you properly value...

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Investor comments from the recent past. Year 2020.

Investor apathy.   Beware in becoming or are already an investor "pre-mortem". Where one deliberately most only considers the worst case scenarios and so solely see and fear downside in any investment -resulting in never dare to take the plunge. Stuck in investor mediocrity for years, just as...

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Revenge of the Nerd. "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

The revenge of the Nerd.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste."  Thailand being reinvented in time.

Thailand is now changing, perhaps more then most other places.  Over the past 10 years or so mass tourism innuendoed this country. I will spare...

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Thai stock Investors.

Expat investors should demand English language prospectuses when being offered Thai IPO's. Demand their marketing officers look out and seek new wealth creation, vs. just view all investors as traders, which is not investing. Understand conflict of interest brokers and research reports inherently are part of. Realize Thailand has likely...

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As Govts print more money, cash should be debased in time.

A long member wrote me the following yesterday:  

"I've decided not to renew at the moment. I have pulled out most of my money from the market right now and will wait on the sidelines until the situation gets better. 
Governments continue to print money

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On the how in Thai stocks, vs. just the what.

Anatomy on the how in Thai stocks, vs. just the what. Here is one of more articles to come on this subject.

Pondering here into our rainy season, I just realized how many members over many years wrote me how they learned allot on how to...