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The masked Thai stocks' bear market. Individual retail investors fleeing.

In the long and recent past years, some 2/3 of total SET trading volume was generated by individual retail investors, this has dropped to barely 30% now for some time.  This reality represents a fleeing of the SET core retail investor base.  Why?  This is rarely acknowledged by...

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Why Thailand keeps lagging.

Why Thailand keeps lagging on various fronts.

Here are some of my viewed reasons to Thailand's continued malaise.  A slowing and now dwindling for years domestic economy, a stronger and stronger Baht currency due to in good part to the way over the top held mega 220 Bill.$...

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Post Thai election comment.

Post Thai election comment.

Since Thai election passed, the SET index has slightly increased in value, and this with more then just a few stocks. The strong Thai Baht vs. major other currencies has not moved down.  Sadly, following the foreign main stream media will have...

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Post Elections Blues

Post Thai Elections Blues - past and beyond.

While the Thai elections have for now seemingly not changed anything and so Thailand keeps muddling along stuck in the middle income trap, there are some teflon resistant companies which will do well earnings wise in a...

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Thai Baht currency strenght, Why?

Why has the Thai Baht been such a strong global currency, for so long,  even while many other aspects have not been.

Over the years I have often been asked why the Baht currency is so strong.  Surely this has bewildered more then a few expats...

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To get a broader view, take a trip abroad.

During the continued SET market malaise I found it ripe to take another global trip -for attitude, perspective, sanity and balance.  My view has not changed in proclaiming we just must await the Thai elections to see this market rejuvenate. Its what I am doing.   New investors...

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An updated Thai stocks introduction letter to all visitors here.

Attractive investor opportunities remain -here I share one- but broker and industry practices are cause for serious concern.

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A dialogue with an institution from far away.

Here is how an institution wrote me this week -and how I answered them, evenwhile I did not have then to share with all members.

Hello Paul,
Many thanks.
Thai market has already had a really strong run in 2017 to hit 24 year

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US market rises further on no worries, that is the worry.

The US stock market worry is that there seems nothing to worry. So to US stock investors I say: start worrying.

Wall Street now should have a serious worry, it is that nobody there is worried much anymore regarding US stocks.  Century record devastating storms, N. Korea...