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My contribution to be a better more informed Thai stock market investor, but now global investor comments (not speculators),  as viewed by a long professional with unbiased world-investor & cultural experienced opinions.

In the long past we offered for many years an annual contributing membership in the range of around 300-600 US$.  Over the years we realized lots of amateurs signed-up often with not even a basic understanding about stock mkt. investing, risks and let's say -even some very fundamentals.  As suitability is always an issue when it comes to responsible investing which always endure some risks.   Banks and/or brokers often interview new or older clients and so then gauge their level of investor-expertise, only so to then gear them -in one way or another.  Often confusing "relationship banking" with investor competence or competitive investor products/ideas/strategies acumen.   

It is also just a dire fact that many have their own entrenched held views regarding their savings/investments and wealth preservation.  Here I am happy to share for free, while it lasts and while I FEEL COMPELLED so, and add value as an investor professional on now mostly global issues as I correctly predicted some years ago Thai stocks entering a "lame duck" phase.  I here share for free my unbiased viewpoints to registered free users.

Always from me, a long pro with an unbiased global mindset and decades of multicultural experience, yes on location. Post having visited over 160 Thai listed companies during since 1997.  Always the primary focus being to new wealth generation. As of 2024, I go well beyond just local investor ideas and turned Chinese ETF stock investment bullish in early February 2024, as here then posted.  And in early April 2024, turned broadly US stocks "take profits":  Due to continued US Govt. global overstretch & provocations and financially way Govt. over-leveraged along with poor politics.

If you have a short question, comment or other suggestion/concern.  Drop me e-mail with a short description of yourself, 
Best Regards,
Paul Renaud.