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US financialization gone amiss.


Shortcomings of the West, an example of financialization gone haywire.

Western governments of developed countries like to point out its viewed dire shortcomings of developing countries like high traffic accident/deaths, human rights abuses or not following their view of how a democracy should...

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The slow recovery has likely started.

Be patient while resilient with a two fold strategy compromising of tolerating DEMCO -and the rest which as a group makes-up far more.  Then, accepting a 1-2 year time horizon.  It is what it is and here is, as I  see it, the investor strategy looking forward.

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The rise back of markets from the fear-mongered near abyss at NewYear.

The rise back of markets with the SET among the global leaders sor far, this from the abyss at NewYear.  Time will tell, but a dire mistake in viewing selling was avoided here.

As we get into the final weeks of the 1st Quarter 2016, we know...

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In contrast to others -Thailand acting better.

Have you noticed some divergence in the making.

While most stock markets around the world re-tested recent lows last week, in so today the 2016 new year looking worse.  Yet, the Thai SET index has in just recent weeks held up better with many stocks...

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2015 Year-End Reflections.

After a pretty good start 2015 -its ending rather dismal, to say the least.

I make no excuses it was one of the worst few months investor wise in the history of this web site, that is performance wise.  Not just for my viewed...

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Sometime I feel like I am holding up the world.

The Thai market remains defensive and so scared, an excuse to do nothing.  My view, not withstanding here below, mentioned again.  Presently is an opportunity to new investors to accumulate investor values -as I see it.

Holding up the world....

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The resource investor curse gets worse.

Bulls can make money, bears can make money and cash is cash and sometimes king,...but the long resource/commodities advocated investors get an D, if not F(ail) grade.


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Misreporting by the Western Press, scandals and more.

Misreporting by the Western Press -and more. (Again)

A couple of months ago there was a FT article (London's Financial Times) suggesting Chinese tourism was dropping off in Thailand, when just the exact opposite is/was true.  Chinese tourism has been nothing short of an...

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Anatomy to long term superior performance.

A market rut or a trap to long term lower returns?

Over the many years I have never been very good at predicting with good...