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October Reflections/Investor follies.

October Reflections.  And how "Right understanding" is crucial in so many aspects in our lives; distorting can reign often to our detriment.  Here I show some examples in the investor management business.

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On short term cash management.

Cash is one form of prudent asset allocation to have a cushion if there is a meaningful set back, or unexpected and/or near future needs.  "Keeping some powder" dry principle.  Here I describe how through the Thai banks one can increase baht %...

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Thai market remains buoyant for some good reasons.

The Thai market remains buoyant.  Part 2. While short mean sell-offs are natural and healthy events, my view remains that the SET in not a bubble, not yet.

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Thai market remains boyant -yet shows some signs of tiring.

September looks like it will end just as it started, on a high note. It was a good month to take off and reflect from afar while enjoying some art of the historic and culture kind.

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On averages and other fallacies the masses are entrapped in.

Ah.. those averages and other fallacies the masses are entrapped believing in.

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The juggling act to continued superior performance.

Select market reflections post the nice run up in August. "Cash is not trash". Be cautious not to trade in a horse for a donkey.  Bloomberg should wake up beyond EA.

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Mid Year Review. Where to park some profits.

Reassessment and re-grouping after a formidable SET run up which was 2.7 times surpassed by my latest documented all along, model portfolio now ended.

Risks increasingly brewing from a...

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A Mid Year Re-assessment.

I viewed to remain fully invested year to date. Now at mid year and with the SET nearing 1500 into July, its time to reassess and take a bit more sanguine view. Medium term investors can ride it through. 

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Let the good time's ride. But start accumulating high yield solid funds with profits taken.

The risk going forward is bubbly USA and a possible temporary liquidity crunch coming there in the 3rd Q. The market and interest rate positive is that this will only prolong the attractiveness for financial assets into next year 2015....