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Late comer version/more up to date thoughts.

Reflections as we enter the 1 Quarter 2014. As I see it. DEMCO remains the star and CHO the great growth stock story.

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More Investor notes, know how and understanding.

Some investor notes/acumen + a new idea rated accumulate buy.  Investing for long term gains along

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Back on track. The SET -as well as me.

The past couple of months have been daring to say the least. The big mistake was to walk away and not pick up some true investor bargains.  Today I reflect some on this volatile period along with comments on valuation. 

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A funds real handicap -yet rarely explained.

All mutual and other institutional funds have a real handicap -yet this is rarely if ever explained.  Here today I do so to compliment the just previous member posted article here; which proves smaller cap's outperform and then some, over time.

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Its the smaller cap's, stupid.

Total and complete proof of what I have been saying here for 17 years.

What is appalling is not mention of the single biggest reason why smaller cap's outperform:  is...

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Thai stocks at just about record low valuation levels -now.

Many Thai stocks -as I here argue and demonstrate- are at superb if not record low valuation levels. This as viewed from the rational investor stand point. Unless the town burns down value stocks on the SET have to be a...

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Property funds remain misunderstood.

So called Thai property and infrastructure funds can & should have broad appeal to Thai savers which want higher dividend income, diversity and relative stability of principal.

Yet neither the brokers nor the press give them enough attention.

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High financial leverage and so stuck in a low growth rut.

Political changes are coming to Thailand and if this takes hold a new better more professional government may well emerge. In the meantime the West just keeps muddling along, likely for some years more.

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SET market malaise likely to continue for a while.

The view remains to just sit tight which is consistent with the long term stated investor objective.  Market malaise is meant to discredit the impatient.