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Why are large companies too often so fleeting?

Cities besides being timeless are increasingly important because they show large growth in productivity just when such is praised.  Yet with many companies its too often the opposite.

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Problem is, many stocks have rocketed higher already. What next?

After a fabulous first 9 months this year, its difficult to know what to do next.  Besides holding on to DEMCO and happy to have gotten back in on Pylon, here are some thoughts trying to give some guidance.

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The SET is bullish due to high liquidity.

The SET remains bullish due to high liquidity besides Thai stocks still being reasonably priced when compared to low interest rates.  I still like DEMCO and some others and remain upbeat evenwhile bullmarkets are always prone to short set backs.  Here is a short review for you, post my global travels.

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Intelligent Investors Choices.

Investors get intelligence. Look beyond index funds and find smaller "jewels in the rough".  Too man are largely artificially undervalued.  ETF funds are growing around the world alike pollution, distorting markets to the detriment of the mighty important smaller companies.

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Growth explodes valuation. A mid year min-review.

Why high earnings growth mandates even much higher valuation.  Also, a half year recap on some selections I am just now focussed on.  The SET is likely to remain upbeat.

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Where are the next global risks?

Investor mistakes are likely as important as investor success. As its the total of both which make for superior longer term performance.  Today I ask myself again beyond the EU and US, where are likely the next global risks emerging.

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The next bubble in the making is here.

We should ask ourselves, if all this accommodative global monetary easing so prevalent in the developed world is not re-igniting much their economies, nor producing much inflation for now,  where then is all this new liquidity going?

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Globe trotting while sticking with winners.

On emerging markets reviewed in an important new book on this. What ever happened to the commodities super cycle so many wrote about?  A slowdown here at best will have major repercussions.

A brief book review and then some around the World's emerging markets trying to find the next winner along...

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Emerging markets slowing down. Hidding out in my choices.

Reminiscing along the winning concepts/choices during troubled times.  I remain SET bullish but even more so upbeat on my core choices.