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Wolves in the background creeping up for another assault?

Risks of now sun shine, before a next set back.  The value investor looks at stocks as a way to longer term rational risk adjusted savings.

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The Thai SEC is shaking up the brokers.

Today the SEC is in the news mandating welcome changes by the Thai brokers. We should all be delighted, as if/when this happens we will get what all of you want more: good value investor ideas beyond just the same expensive large cap.s.

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Reminiscence of a Thai stock Value Investor.

An informal conversation about Thai peculiar investing, us members, some strategy and one new stock idea.  We are all in this together -and so lets stick together.

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Thai Middle Income Savings Trap.

As economists and others have noted, the middle income trap is a serious risk for Thailand.  But few speak/write abou the middle income savings trap, as its equally important and out of balance.

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Thai brokers lack on reporting of dividends.

Thai brokers badly need to re-invent themselves to individual investors.  This so in becoming new wealth creators, vs. just transaction/trading biased. Individual investors simply do not need the liquidity requirement institutions mandate, so why pay-up for something you don't need?

Here smaller capitalized shares usually pay far higher yearly cash dividends then...

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The value investor here remains stubborn and determined.

Here are some thoughts into the new week along with an idea revisited.  If people are not always coherent and suffer from many biases then so do markets which then are equally not efficient nor always rational.

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Inherent conflicts of interest. The villain of our times.

Beware of hidden biases which then tilts some in not telling you the whole story or worse make-up or twist realities, only so to financially or otherwise benefit from that.  That is the very definition what a professional should not do. Yet this seems ever more rampant in this day and age.

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Increased Market correlation not as true as reported.

The big theme is how global market move increasingly in tandem, but do they?  Not if you look beyond what institutions are constrained in doing.

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The Thai retail investor's untold advantage.

Thai SET has large market inefficiencies which should be turned to individual investor advantage!  Why do Thai smaller capitalized stocks trade at such discount?  The Thai individual investor's -too often untold- real advantage here!