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Experience of an Investor in Thailand, running

Thai bank interest rates remain ver low -and this for many years already.  The SET market has been relatively boyant since the 2008 North Atlantic induced Financial crisis with this benchmark increasing some 30% since.  Yet, Thai retail broker account participation remains stagnent.  Is anybody there/here asking why this remains so?

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One can wait "until the cows come home".

Here is an e-mail Exchange with Mr. Andrew Stotz, CFA, which is the "Strategist and Managing Director, International Business,  for Kim Eng. Thailand leading broker.  

I have highest respect for Andrew -but dare to ask Kim Eng through him why they gear their research primarily to institutions -other then as seen from a...

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On Valuation of Stocks.

Fair stock valuation has both the rational and the not so rational features. Its the fear of loss and the joy of gain which are ever inexplicably intertwined.  Today I explain some of the more rational ways p/e ratio's are determined.  / The SET is bouncing back hence, a right view then not...

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The new frugal USA and EU -and what this may mean.

Taking some time off and away from the Thai floods so to asses larger global trends. More stable world oil prices may be the new normal.  Regardless, the time of green and renewable energy is now ingrained.

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The perfect storm -likely to hit its peak this week.

Regardless, among the misery beyond our shares, I just will not give up on Thai resiliency.

Its was a mistake not to get out of most Thai stocks weeks ago. It will be in time an even worse mistake to panic out now. ...

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Taking time away for broader reflections.

The floods will recede and Thailand will build back -then even as a stronger nation. Traveling in the USA, I have taken a step back to see the bigger global picture beyond. This while holding on to a portfolio of Thai value shares with confidence.

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Fishing for a bottom.

After the horrific sell off I am calling for a bottom around current levels, while holding my breath. Regardless, Thai quality stocks are well oversold and in time this will be viewed as a fantastic buying opportunity.

I think the sell off is overdone and the leaders in Europe finally got...

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Beginning of the middle income Transition.

Thailand is at the beginning of the middle income Transition. A concept well known to developing country economists.  It means rising consumption and domestic generated organic growth, instead of relying mostly on exports and other external factors like tourism.  This change has important implication for us investors.

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Graphs never tell the whole story.

Stock graphs are somewhat important on the SET as the market here is sentiment driven and many locals trade based on momentum and graphs.  Meaning catching a stock which is moving already or where the graph confirms a brake out.