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No commodities buff here, my contrarian view explained.

I remain guarded on the re-inflation theme advocated or feared by so many investors. China is exporting deflation in manufactured/consumer products -and this trend will only get better in the medium term -as the global super discount centers must and will clip their fat margins. Inflationary beneficiary bugs, be on...

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The East Asian Summit

East Asian economic winds are blowing stronger then ever before.

The new East Asian Summit will be the first time so many Asian countries are holiding a political gathering without the presence of the United States -or any other great power.

The region has now accumulated $2.5 trillion of foreign exchange reserves compared...

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Beware of Christmas 2006.

There is a new risk looming over the global economy at the start of 2006.

The risk is a sharp slowing in the growth rate of U.S. consumer spending. The Federal Reserve is committed to a policy of monetary restraint which is going to sharply curtail the inflation rate...

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US Options -an interesting high income strategy.

Buying put and call options is a risky endeavor with potentially unlimited gains while the risk is limited to loosing all amount originally invested. But if you do the opposite and write puts and calls, a whole new dimmension comes to light.  Here I review my own views on writing options, not...

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Citi Never Sleeps.

Self-regulation without strict enforcement is a fiasco.  The banking sector needs more (not less) regulatory and supervisory measures not only because of its vital contribution to the economic development but also to prevent the emergence of casino capitalism at the global scale.


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Will China’s Credit Crunch Produce a Hard Landing?

We were asked to take this article down by the contributing author David Hale, due to it not being the final version of the article.  We hope that in the future we can re-post the finished copy when it is complete.

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Casanova’s of the Fund Business.

This is the second and third part on the important investment subject on Funds -and their darker side.

In 1990 there were 600 US hedge funds in business. There are now over 6000 and some 900 are not even 1 year old.  More than 10% tracked by in the past year alone...

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Fund investing has risks beyond the markets.

This is the first section of a three part series on this important investment subject which we are here publishing for members only, at mid-year 2004.


Below is the first part of a mini series on what recently transpired in the globally important Mutual & Hedge Fund industry....

PaulRen's picture, a world book store?

Today I visited the section on Magazines at -seems like they got thousands of them on many different topics. Great . Anything you can think of. So I thought of "International", seems like a big topic to me.

But to my amazement on this selection there are only 5-6 offered. ...