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US estate taxes could be levied on non-US citizens & no-US residents.

The Wegelin report is how even non-US citizens and non-US residents could still end up having to pay some US estate taxes, if they owned as is defined US securities. This report will 'blow your socks off' as it will make you understand why non-US securites, the world over, will be more...

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Conflicts of interest among some banks and financial intermediaries.

On dire long lasting conflicts of interest among banks and other financial intermediaries. My questions was asked on CNBC,  but then not addressed in full by the guest. Here I review this issue one more time, for the record.


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Ah those alarmists...

Fueling “angst” among the vulnerable in a fast uncertain and changing world is just as much “a crime” as selling investors US home mortgage bonds and derivative structured investment products, now on its knees. 

Hoping for the worst, not the best. 

For the doomsayers, too often the mission is to own gold and then hope...

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The new financial center for high net worth individuals.

At the start of the New Year, a letter to members.

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The case for Hong Kong as a viable financial center.

Hong Kong is uniquely I review some more on why Hong Kong is an attractive financial center -for larger individual investors.

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Where should my financial center be?

High Net worth invididual Investors the world over have to ask themselves at some point, where should my financial center be? Where in the World is the investment excitment/opportunties likely to most persist? 

Where are transaction costs not excessive -and how to avoid the nasty so called retro-commissions which...

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Big Names, Big Losses, the bad Western Boys and Girls.

Over the past 10 years, four of all four boom-and-busts have come from the developed West. First, shame on corporate USA for generating it -and then on investor fool EU, for signing-up on it.

 A new global regulatory body should now be established to monitor those Western law making gnomes, who yet...

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Who left the door open?

With the US subprime market now in full crisis and many developed countries' savers getting pulled in some way form or shape, the obvious two questions are: 

 1) Why did the US leaders not see this one coming?    2) What else are they missing? What is the next US silent...

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Drought looming in South Western USA?

In the just previous member article I suggest that in select growth areas of the US, the sub-prime mortgage crisis is not as serious as in others.  I ask the question, with US housing prices coming down will there so not be a time to start considering this as an asset class down...