Has USA gone mad? Global risks -above Thai risks.

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Non Thai Article

US stocks are likely now forming a new bubble which may well destabilize the rest of the World (again). In part for the reasons gone astray, as I deduce below.  (not a Thai stock article).

Many believe the US took a broad-dump when Biden got into office and reversed many of the policies that Trump had in place. Trump had the US energy independent, and the US economy was the best it had been in many years.  But the US demise started well before -and here is not a Trump endorsement:  Just the opposite, as while very different, it won't likely get any better with him coming back?  Again, I am here not pro-Trump touting, just stating some facts investors should all be wary on regardless of whom wins the November 2024, US elections.  

The WOKE-liberals made it a policy that every show on US TV now needs to have at least one LGBTQ in it.  It’s way over-represented and almost gone mad over there, as friends tell/say to me.  They have an all but open southern border that lets in over 300,000 illegals -just last month!  Millions of illegal aliens live in the US presently, reported at more than 8 million (that we know of) just since Biden took office. Dem’s believe the Hispanics (and immigrants which often can actually vote) and will vote, well yes for democrats. 

Dems. shut down much of the country during the COVID-19 pandemic causing hundreds of thousands of businesses to close their doors, along with mandating masking very young children which turned out to be a health & mental disaster.  Biden shut down US oil production on the first day he took office, so back to an Oil importer from less stable sources and likely more globally polluting ones.  Ford, Chevy, Chrysler losing billions per qtr., devastating the US car industry, because US people just don’t want to buy (more expensive) all those touted electric cars, despite US govt. pushing these, en masse.  (BTW, its been credibly reported there that some 21% of charging stations in the US for EV’s do not work when people need them…even worse it you try to use a CCard -and there are reports of long waits now for parts when some need repairs.  Also few want to buy used electric cars, due to high cost of battery replacement.)

Oh ya, and not to forgot to mention that the lefty liberals messed up women’s H.S. & College sports, this by allowing some sex-changed men to play in women’s sports. I saw on US congressional hearings of late how some prisons were mandated to allow recently sex-changed men to be incarcerated, yes in all Women jails.  With then predictably so, far more sex assaults there than normal.  All documented.

Dems. have it to where teachers can tell your son that if you want to be a girl, you can identify as that and use the girls’ bathrooms & locker rooms.  Parents don’t need to be told by the school, & parents have no say in it.  Sex changes are recommended.  Needed corrective eye surgeries are not covered by medical coverage/plans, but sex-changes are.

The US as well aggravating much of the world with their full partnering/accomplice with Israel (i.e. supplying all the weapons and bombs besides $ billions of US tax payer money), for atrocities/genocide on 7 mill. Palestine’s'.  Already 30,000, mostly women and children, have been war slaughtered.  98% against the global tally UN vote on this!).   And now for years USA relentless NATO expansion. (Realize that USA=NATO).  This despite many & multiple solid promises to Russia at the outset when USSR that time tore down the wall and ended the WARSAW Pact and opened up: All based on these solid promises made by the US, EU and UN, yes in writing as stated: "not to move one inch forward on eastward expansion by NATO”.   But since then NATO has reached over 30 countries, all despite these promises/assurances/guarantees at the outset not to. Some could ask:  how would the US feel, if Russia and its own alliances put their heavy weapons right on Mexico/US borders !

"The US should stop immediately trying to expand NATO to Ukraine, thereby ending the war in Ukraine. The US should stop arming Israel, thereby ending the war in the Middle East. And the US should abide by agreements with China regarding the Taiwan island, so as to reduce the tensions over Taiwan. Sending arms to China is a silly & bully provocation.  China's economic progress has been extraordinarily positive for the Chinese people and very good for the world.  Economic progress anywhere, including in China, is a win-win proposition for the world. The US mistakenly thinks that the world economy is a "zero-sum" struggle in which China's progress is somehow bad for the US.  This is a badly mistaken view."

By Professor Jeffrey Sachs,  Columbia University.

As to Russia, the US, EU and the UN for years promised "no NATO expansion...not one inch" as they said/wrote but then broke that promise and kept expanding for years since, starting with President Clinton. Over 30 countries have since been signed up by NATO, dead again US lead promises.  Finally Putin's Russia had enough, as yes they too are a world power and don't need to take broken promises without recourse. 

Consider Israel got attacked because of all the atrocities it conducted over decades, not least continued illegal land grabs. Been hearing about this for over 40 years.   It thinks its a superior race -and God given supreme to own all the land there.  The US appears an accomplice in the genocide there happening. 

Just posting this here as I think it’s the US Govt. (not its people) are creating allot of increased global instability with policies and dire actions which are proven dead against what the populus opinion is both in the US and EU and around most all of the World. 

This even so as US the mass-media and most news outlet much distorts and spin them around with half truths -which are often whole lies.  EU public opinion is especially very opposed what is going on.  I think not one political leader there which carries more then 25% approval ratings.  This year half the world will hold elections and so lets hope some real changed for peace & diplomacy take hold, this vs. billions of $ in arms -and neocon thinking.  As now is it’s a scam via the US military complex & most/many US politicians.  

Just as the last global dire crisis came about because of the  N. Atlantic induced financial crisis, lets hope the next one is not once again brought on by the US -with its British allied.

As we see its not just Thailand which has some dire issues. And many including me happen to think the real/broad investor risk this year come from the above very ill conceived US lead govt. initiatives which have demonstrably no public opinion support.

All along with a US stock market which is jubilant and nearing a bubble.  Global Investors beware.

Paul A. Renaud.