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New Trends from the West -to ponder about.

Some proven stat's show why Mr. Trump keeps his high showing in the polls.

The West and the world should start asking itself more why Mr. Trump is such a continued leader in the polls!  Even while just about everbody interviewed calls him many different bad labels; not least...

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The world 2 largest economies', are now among the more risky.

China vs. the US, which is the bigger risk?

With a US % rate rise looming, the increasing debate currently is will China before the US help gear the next global economic recession, if not a financial crisis?  The Western dominated news reports likes to up-play the risks of China...

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Recipe to a viable business -with fun and sophistication.

They are mostly older, have money, want to get better in what they do, beyond sitting
around -or dinning in Cruise ships. They spare no expense to gather together in high end places among their exclusive clan

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With gold and oil prices dropping are global risks realy rising?

Gold and oil prices have been dropping so are global risks realy rising? Here are my two cents worth.

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Where is the the imminent re-inflation story?

The sharpest commodities price boom ever recorded has come to a screeching halt...and it was all a bit naive for the bulls to think that rising prices would not mandated innovative changes.  I could not in the past and can't see for now the imminent re-inflation...

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USA revisited with deep concerns.

We need to pay attention to what is going in the US -as it will affect all of us to one degree or another.  Here I share some insights on this recent trip down the corridors of midwest USA which now is ending in Chicago.

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Myths and realities regarding the US deficit horror.

We take a step back from the trees so to see the forest better.  Here is some more data and comparisons which puts more light on the US, and its fiscal and budget deficit mess. Another impasse there -which again destabilized global markets.  Here beyond the media, political and corporate hype are a few lines for us so to understand...

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The year Gold peaked?

With year 2011 on its way we are all asking ourselves is the Gold price near a peak now, or just awaiting a new run to new highs.

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Gold as an average investment.

With the global economies recovering it seems wiser to me to bull ride the stock returns around resumed profitability on companies’, then to keep hoping gold will race much higher as this seems a speculative call and history is not in its favor.