Global balance of power has shifted.

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The US/EU may have now tilted the World ever more into instability through their on going supplying ever more mega bucks and weapons
to Ukraine.  "What is good for the goose is good for the gander".  ​Just thinking more as now back in SE Asia, much has to be on the minds of countries here -and then some -with Putin's visit to N. Korea, recently.  Is it not obvious this is a very dangerous new development?  

I mean, in the past any N. Korea serious aggression would immediately be quenched through instant massive retaliation, lead by the US.  As it often so stated.  But now, with Russia's on its side and (likely) could be supplying advanced ballistic missiles, the US can no longer threaten/deter N. Korea so easily as these Russian very advanced supersonic missiles cannot, as I understand it, easily intercept nuclear warhead missiles launched?  Meaning its (USA) N. Korea deterrent is now suddenly much diluted....or at least much mitigated.  Surely if EU/USA keeps supplying weapons and billions of $, on-going aid to Ukraine, then surely Russia may also feel it can do the same with N. Korea. In German language there is a saying "wie Du mir so ich Dir".  (As you do to me, I do to you).  The US already has max. sanctions levied on K. Korea for years in place, so it cannot up the ant on that...and/but now: it no longer can just claim to slam dunk N. Korea if it decides egregiously to launch missiles, as it can/could?  Just saying, the balance of power may have massively just shifted…while the overture Trump did envers N. Korea in 2019, slipped-by via by-partisan US snubbing it at that time.  So now, N. Korea welcomes/looked towards Russia and visa versa.  Hence the whole NATO expansionism doctrine into Ukraine, against Russia's biggest red line, has massively backfired?  (NO, i am not a Trump fan).

Wonder what you/others here think about this....does it not deserves some real attention, to me it seems like a major escalation/shifting of balance of power.  Je pense..but, que saige?

​Paul A. Renaud.  and beyond.