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A short review on some of my 2012 selections.

Here is a short review on some of my investor strategy going into this year.  There is a model portfolio still in place here  -but as noted I like most DEMCO and PYLON. Of course I would as always own a diversified portfolio -of mostly smaller cap growth/high dividend stocks.

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Two leading Thai green energy companies.

Here I compare the two leading pure green listed companies on the SET.  And how relative company size commands -as always- a huge premium here. But don't expect this to be explained to you by brokers or the press.

I think 2012 is the year where much focus will be on...

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Winds blowing in favor for us in 2012.

Here is an end of-the -year article summarizing some more on with what and why, I go into year 2012 with full vigor and conviction.  My choices remain in tact and then some.  This year ended with my favorite choice just announcing phase 2...

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Exponential Growth in Wind Energy.

Global wind energy installations are growing exponentially -and many see this continuing for years to come. I much agree.  Some companies operate these, once they are in place. Some just sell or manufacture the wind turbine systems, construct them.  We own a company which does both  -and then some.  With...

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The case for DEMCO, restated.

Letter to K. Chaiyaporn, research director of Bualuang Securities, regarding investor rationality on the case for DEMCO now,  as viewed from an investor.

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Demco, letter & suggestion.

Below is what I just sent DEMCO's seniors. I think that unlike so many others here, this company knows how to properly use warrants and other shareholder enhancing tools, and so this private suggestion may be timely and already on their mind? 

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Demco 2 key insiders increasing holdings.

More analysis and ammunition why I remain very DEMCO bullish going into the Monday June 27 extraordinary shareholder meeting.

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DEMCO, its finally likely happening now.

“Opinion of the Independent Financial Advisor”.  Here is what it states and means and what we now all need to do, so to have some influence in clinching this deal. 

It is very close in happening now -and we all can help make a difference.

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New stock biases for new times. Why ETF's are more then half dead money.

Growth and consumption stocks favored. ETF's likely to well underperform, almost by definition. ETF's low commission funds which just track the index, but the indexes are not the new Asia.