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Confusion and exageration leaves retail investors behind if not blind.

Once again, broker confusion if not outright misreporting, creates a near panic. To us its an opportunity where other previously missed it.  DEMCO remains a buy and here is why they got it wrong.
(Corrected on Sept 29 and this letter sent to Kim Eng).

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DEMCO out performing now -just as SET correcting.

Demco the clear winner at mid year, and more to go.  Moving up when the rest is moving down.

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Small stocks are acting better and waking up.

Let the profits run.  Here is the report on Demco's annual shareholder meeting.

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Demco, the annual report.

DEMCO’s just published Annual Report 2011. A critical look to find any concerning and/or revealing issues.  Strong buy view re-affirmed.

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A short review on some of my 2012 selections.

Here is a short review on some of my investor strategy going into this year.  There is a model portfolio still in place here  -but as noted I like most DEMCO and PYLON. Of course I would as always own a diversified portfolio -of mostly smaller cap growth/high dividend stocks.

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Two leading Thai green energy companies.

Here I compare the two leading pure green listed companies on the SET.  And how relative company size commands -as always- a huge premium here. But don't expect this to be explained to you by brokers or the press.

I think 2012 is the year where much focus will be on...

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Winds blowing in favor for us in 2012.

Here is an end of-the -year article summarizing some more on with what and why, I go into year 2012 with full vigor and conviction.  My choices remain in tact and then some.  This year ended with my favorite choice just announcing phase 2...

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Exponential Growth in Wind Energy.

Global wind energy installations are growing exponentially -and many see this continuing for years to come. I much agree.  Some companies operate these, once they are in place. Some just sell or manufacture the wind turbine systems, construct them.  We own a company which does both  -and then some.  With...

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The case for DEMCO, restated.

Letter to K. Chaiyaporn, research director of Bualuang Securities, regarding investor rationality on the case for DEMCO now,  as viewed from an investor.