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DEMCO, its finally likely happening now.

“Opinion of the Independent Financial Advisor”.  Here is what it states and means and what we now all need to do, so to have some influence in clinching this deal. 

It is very close in happening now -and we all can help make a difference.

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New stock biases for new times. Why ETF's are more then half dead money.

Growth and consumption stocks favored. ETF's likely to well underperform, almost by definition. ETF's low commission funds which just track the index, but the indexes are not the new Asia.

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3 Stocks for us this Week.

Here I idendify 3 stocks to closely focus on this week which I think will all get attention.

DEMCO, PYLON and KBS all 3 are viewed with a stronger buy view in my opinion. Here are some reasons why.

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Major, an update.

A brief update on MAJOR (14.7) wich remains the major mid cap selection. Increased ticket prices to come, strong movie line-up and the opening of the Mega Living Mall shopping center on Bangla Road, soft opening on 11/11/2011 -are the key drivers to further strong profitability next year. 

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Helping members through responsible investing.

A new growth stock considered which I hope to visit shortly. The SET may back off a bit at which point I would nibble on TICON again; this after having rightfully walked away 3 years ago.   TICON, UEC and UV are my new investor selections/ideas. 

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UEC, I am back.

UEC a quality company in a niche market which after some transition now shows renewed growth.

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IRPC (4.58) is my latest large cap selection.

Here is a new SET 50 large cap selection which should do well on any global oil price increases.

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DEMCO, an update.

DEMCO remains a key/core selection of mine and at the current prices of 4.12 should be rated with a strong buy view.  Here I have some updates for us.

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DEMCO, an update

DEMCO remains a favorite, evenwhile its price has shot up.  On this correction, along with the general market, members/investors should consider it again, through the proper lens of medium term investing.