WHABT new property fund coming.

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WHA new property fund coming got my attention as a cash alternative bringing high current Q. yield likely above 6%.

As you know a year ago I favorably viewed WHAPF fund as a solid cash alternative.  It did very well, rising from around 9.70 to currently 11.50 Baht (despite SET sell off) evenwhile paying a near 7% yield (quarterly) on that original price.   At the current unit price now of 11.40 the current annual yield averages around 5.5%.  Dividends are based on rentals received and announced every quarter, so the dividend payout can fluctuate some.

WHA is presently coming out with a new quality property fund expected at the end of this month, priced at 10 Baht per unit and yielding at least 6.2%,  as I am told. Its symbol will be WHABT and I have a favorable view on it.  It will pay its dividend quarterly like the other fund, WHAPF.  CIMB Thai Public Company Limited (“CIMB”) is the financial advisor.  If you want to subscribe you must contact your brokers soonest which may or may not be part of the syndicate underwriting group.  I just got their English language prospectus; send me an email and happy to forward to any member.  Yes, this fund is available to foreigners. (non-Thai) and will trade on the SET.

Here is briefest summary, but you must look at the prospectus for full disclosure which I can email to any member asking for this.
WHA Business Complex Freehold and Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust, the size should be around 2.5 Bill Baht.  Investment Assets are: • SJ Infinite I Business Complex: Freehold ownership of land and building • Bangna Business Complex: Leasehold right (30 years) of land and freehold ownership of building. High-quality asset situated in one of the most vibrant areas in Bangkok...and near public transportation.  Brand new and premium grade building with strong tenant profile (like Hitachi) again: these are high-quality assets situated in one of the most vibrant areas (non-flooding) in Bangkok.   In my view there is potential for asset and rent appreciation into the medium term future so the Q. dividend yield has potential to increase over time.  IF you take a look at the reader-friendly prospectus you will have a good idea.

Best Regards,

Paul A. Renaud.