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DEMCO the success story and then some.

No hugs and no claps of much, just an impressive company continuing on its success story.  Today DEMCO is the class act. But you would never know it from reading the local or international press, or watching the "Discovery Chanel".

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Electricity shortages looming. Pure Plays.

Here are some updates on my clearly stated favorite which now is getting lots of deserved news attention. This due to the reality of Thai electric shortages to come, that is, unless this is addressed far more. 

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QTC, warming up to this new choice.

Here is my reasoning -which I fished out of their recent notes to their financial statements- on why I think QTC may have some legs.

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Do not let the noise take away the gist.

DEMCO speaks. The market and the analysts listen.  The year ends on an up note and 2013 still looks good as of this moment.  Here is a short review on some of my thoughts, as 2012 is coming to a close.

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TRT dissapoints, out she goes.

Here I make some changes to the model portfolio and share some of my reasons for it. It is always a risky task to take a loss and then move it into another stock -as there is a chance of a double mystake.

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Confusion and exageration leaves retail investors behind if not blind.

Once again, broker confusion if not outright misreporting, creates a near panic. To us its an opportunity where other previously missed it.  DEMCO remains a buy and here is why they got it wrong.
(Corrected on Sept 29 and this letter sent to Kim Eng).

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DEMCO out performing now -just as SET correcting.

Demco the clear winner at mid year, and more to go.  Moving up when the rest is moving down.

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Small stocks are acting better and waking up.

Let the profits run.  Here is the report on Demco's annual shareholder meeting.

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Demco, the annual report.

DEMCO’s just published Annual Report 2011. A critical look to find any concerning and/or revealing issues.  Strong buy view re-affirmed.