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CHO, the important update.

CHO (1.80)  CHO Thavee  Dollasien PLC,  big turnaround looks now on hand.

I am turning increasingly maximum bullish on CHO (1.80) as I gather and sense the turnaround is (at last) now firmly in place.  Early December 2016 I reviewed this company in some...

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Hospital Stocks Revisited, post their dire sell off.

Hospital Stocks Revisited, post their dire sell off lately.

The Health sector (hospitals) has much under performed the SET of late.  At their peak in January '17 or so I here pointed out that these gave me  vertigo -and I would stay away...

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Anatomy on finding a screaming buy and evolving why.

Anatomy on finding a winner stock, at the right price. (9.54 AM March 16th)

Charn Issara Development  (CI, 1.80) is a company I visited in late 2014 and came away with a sense that over the next few years many of its projects would transfer ownership and...

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Ah those Hospital stocks in Thailand.

Some cars are better then others for sure, but are they worth double or more the price?  Similar thinking should be attributed to Thai Hospital Stocks.

Hospital shares have been touted by the Thai broker community for some time, especially recently.  Post nice upward...

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If you can’t beat them, join them. The new Ticon = strong buy.

"If you can’t beat them, join them".   Ticon (16.70) will secure the leader position in ASEAN industrial property development.

In late October of 2005,  I here turned "maximum bullish" on Ticon stating my fullest strongest buy view ever.  Advocating loading up on...

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SUSCO, a strong buy in my view.

SUSCO a new idea with a stronger buy opinion.

SUSCO (3.06) has seen its share price correct by more than 15% over the past two weeks following a nice 10x Q. increase in YoY earnings growth.  In the third quarter of 2016, this company had sales...

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Just 3 example companies which will likely outperform the SET.

Three brief summaries' on example companies here which likely no institutional funds own, yet represent the true and real Thailand.

Here below I today decided to share with all our free registered users a short write-up on just 3 companies I currently like and...
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Interim company comments/updates on some choices.

TASCO and BJCHI disappoints so far but am willing to stick with them.  TPCH a recent star. AUCT a new growth stock pick.  BWG remains a firm choice. MAJOR and CI a buy on this correction.

I was probably swayed too optimistic on TASCO(24.70)...

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Sharing of a posting today to our active contributing member-lounge.

From a posting today to our active member lounge. Here is an example of what non contributing-members miss out.

BWG (1.96) keeps rising to another new high yesterday on huge volume.. as I expected and here re-affirmed all along this month.  Now up 30%...