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PPS proposed land acquisition in Yamu.  Best of Phuket.

Here below you can see a Google Map snapshot of the PPS proposed 24.5 Rai  Yamu, Phuket land acquisition which will be ratified by the PPS board by mid August.   (1 Rai is 1600 sqmeters).  The company is issuing a 400 mill. Baht 2 year bond to fund this land acquisition, already approved.  See the area in green which is sofar unbuilt, this is what we are talking about.  Note the very classy/modern high-end, low raises Como hotel (Singapore owned) is just adjacent. This shoe shaped land parcel goes out into the sea tilted towards the world fabulous Phang Na bay (reverse-view pictured below) with its more then 100 islands in pristine water some of which can bee seen from there, en splendeur. There is likely no other place in the world which rests such a treasure of different tropical islands, some 300 millions years old, within easy boat/yacht reach. 

Barely 20 min. from the international Airport,  Phuket-Town, international hospitals, all 3 major world class hospitals.

Adjacent of these proposed very high end 9 villas (8-10 mill. US$)  right at the entrance (on the left) of this peninsula land plot they (PPS subsidiary, called ProjectsOne) plan to build at the same time a superb health center for both the new residents there and the several already existing very expensive Villas located near there, as well as likely for Hotel guests. (?)  A superb addition as there is none now -and the Como hotel one is too small.  Again, one Villa on that land plot has already been sold and paid for (and will immediately book a hefty profit for PPS), another one is in the design process.  We are so talking only of 7-8 more, all together which should yield some 500 mill. Baht in total profit to PPS over say the next 2-4 years.   K. Phongthon PPS CEO and a majority shareholder of PPS is confident they can sell all in 2 years.  Below you can see a picture of the reverse view on Phang Na,  i.e. viewed from the other side of the PhangNa Bay, opposite.      Paul A. Renaud.  www.thaistocks.com