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SUSCO, a strong buy in my view.

SUSCO a new idea with a stronger buy opinion.

SUSCO (3.06) has seen its share price correct by more than 15% over the past two weeks following a nice 10x Q. increase in YoY earnings growth.  In the third quarter of 2016, this company had sales...

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Just 3 example companies which will likely outperform the SET.

Three brief summaries' on example companies here which likely no institutional funds own, yet represent the true and real Thailand.

Here below I today decided to share with all our free registered users a short write-up on just 3 companies I currently like and...
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Interim company comments/updates on some choices.

TASCO and BJCHI disappoints so far but am willing to stick with them.  TPCH a recent star. AUCT a new growth stock pick.  BWG remains a firm choice. MAJOR and CI a buy on this correction.

I was probably swayed too optimistic on TASCO(24.70)...

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Sharing of a posting today to our active contributing member-lounge.

From a posting today to our active member lounge. Here is an example of what non contributing-members miss out.

BWG (1.96) keeps rising to another new high yesterday on huge volume.. as I expected and here re-affirmed all along this month.  Now up 30%...

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MAJOR, remains a favored mid cap.

MAJOR (29) An update due to opportunity.

MAJOR CINEPLEX GROUP PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (MAJOR, 29 Baht) is and remains one of my key mid cap selection (the other one being TTCL) for some time.  It just dropped in price recently no doubt due to...

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TPCH, a new model portfolio selection.

TPCH, a new model portfolio selection.

TPCH (14.60) is the largest beneficiary of next growth phase in green power as the only listed pure-play biomass power plant operator, TPCH could see the strongest earnings growth among its peers; thanks to both existing...

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Addressing DEMCO's colorful history.

A short walk down memory lane on the lively long rise and fall of DEMCO, only to likely rise again. Thank you for asking.

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Anatormy of DCON #W2, post the XR date./Revised

DCON Warrants#2 around 0.58 Baht appear to be a better value now then the stock at 1.01 Baht -and here is why.   As always all comments or rebuttals are welcome.
DCON(1.01) has published the following (see link below) regarding their capital increase on the reasons for.  ...
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DEMCO, short review and update.

DEMCO, the short review and update.

Nusa Power was in the news last week reportedly seeking to buy all K. Padej WEH shares.  But a day after the SEC send them a requirement for more information on this transaction to be submitted on...