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Hang in there and move forward. Part 2

The Thai market has done a nice price consolidation job in the past 3-4 months of 2014, after a formidable and justified rise before.  I still think the next market trend will resolve itself on the upside.  As always global risks & opportunities prevail.

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TRC, I like it again.

TRC a new model portfolio choice, for some very simple reasons.

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DEMCO, should they take their WEH profit or not?

DEMCO has been a core featured stock here for some 5-6 years. Its share price as been at time volatile but increased during this from some 3-4 Baht back then to now over 16.  Currently the company must be asking an important question, as they are sitting on a...

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DEMCO, to now take profits or not?

Its far more difficult if not impossible- to call topping price; as markets often act in upward chaotic ways before it eventually capitulates. So be prudent rather then over greedy. Look for a likely further explosion in volume to give us...

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TTCL, an old name revisited.

TTCL was a stock I viewed favorably a few years back, this after 2 in person visits with them.  It was a good choice, moved up and I stated here to take good profits. Only to see it move much higher....

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DEMCO's mishap on restatement of earnings.

DEMCO's mishap on restatement of earnings has understandably confused some investors and others which do not follow this company carefully, but my conviction remains in tact. Even while I recognize its a setback, looking back.  Attending the annual meeting.

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DEMCO's 4% stake in Wind Energy Holdings.

What might the market value be of DEMCO's 4% stake in Wind Energy Holdings?  As its been re-firmed they will IPO this as a mega infrastructure fund in early to mid 2015.

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GCAP (2.32) investor merrit at this low price.

Seasons Greetings -and a last investor idea for this year.

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CRANE's hidden value, here is why.

Recent lounge postings point out that not all analysis resolve around current earnings.

The value investor tries to dig deeper to find hidden values. CRANE is one prominent example as was just further analysed by a member with my help.  Searching deeper we here prove why CRANE's...