Hospital Stocks Revisited, post their dire sell off.

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Hospital Stocks Revisited, post their dire sell off lately.

The Health sector (hospitals) has much under performed the SET of late.  At their peak in January '17 or so I here pointed out that these gave me  vertigo -and I would stay away despite many positive broker reports back then.  Glad I did. The Health sector index peaked at 5700 at the start of the year and is now 4975. But many of these glamor stocks have dropped much more in percentage then their index. 

I now chose 4 to start get positioned and exposure in these as most would agree it is and remains a long term booming sector here, not least with increasing Chinese now also coming seeking health care.  For sure their p/e's are still high but they are defensive, would benefit from any health scare and are a clear competitive Thai industry.  Consider the below my own healthcare min-portfolio started today May 26th 2017, lets see if I can beat its index in time.

--CHG (2.36) Peaked at 3.04 Baht early this year and now bouncing off its bottom

--EKH (5.50)  this stock is right back at its post IPO bottom, after having peaked to 7.25 a couple of times.

--RPH (5.05) peaked well above 6, now back at its bottom likely strong support price.

--RJH (21) Similar, rocketed up to 28 with all the broker fanfare, only to now have retested its bottom and slightly bouncing off it.

I totally realize I may be too early and this sector will continue to lag for a while, after over shinning at the start of the year.  Hence I would view more like to accumulate these as a group and so start getting exposure to this successful sector which I missed for many years due to its high valuation, now just a bit tamed.  Yet glad did not get caught up in all the fanfare a few months ago.  My 4 choices above are not heavily researched nor visited, its just my take of 4 which to me have a chance to combined do well in time. All seem to have good future earnings prospects post their 1Q. set backs.

Best Regards,

Paul A. Renaud.