Thai 2018 IPO's tabulated average performance for year 2018.

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Year 2018 Thai IPO's tabulated average performance, for this calender year.

I have maintained for some time the lack of reporting and transparency -by both Thai brokers and the SET- on the composite average IPO % performance, which I suspected are less then touted by the Exchange -and local news reports.  Below is the evidence.  I think the -9% return is not representative as some of the best performing ones',  where near or impossible to get any or at best a miniscule allocation (of IPO shares).  For example, I noted and complained about abnormalities in the issuance of BOFFIC (+26%) last  Jan '18, which despite deserving, due to good trading volume, I got none.  Conclusion Thai retail investors did overall poorly investing in IPO's here this year, even assuming they got equal Baht allocation in all, which they did not.  Below you see the table as I tabulated through Excel spreadsheet and with numbers taken as published in the Bangkok Post today which got theirs from the SET.  The composite average of all is  -9% It remains a serious lacking here that IPO' average % performance numbers (and shown as issued by different brokers) are not published!  Even while official confusing statements have been made how well they are doing.