Company Visits

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DEMCO, an update.

Here is another update on an important stock selection here.

Today DEMCO gave a solid and professional presentation -and answered all questions asked.  While the process of getting their wind energy project off the ground encountered some red tape and delays bank paper work, it now looks set to take off.

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SITHAI (9.05), another core choice for this year.

I rate SITHAI (9.05) with a solid medium term buy view, but not "strong buy". This only so because this stock may not move up until more see/understand/value what I think I here understand and we never know if this is weeks or months.  Still, by the second half of this year,...

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MAJOR (12.60) my major pick for 2011.

Here is a quality mid cap selection which I visited at length last Friday and worked all weekend to share with members my enthusiasm.  I rate MAJOR at the current price of 12.6 with a stronger buy opinion.

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DEMCO confirms Wind Energy project.

Today we listened to the 3 senior principals from DEMCO which gave an upbeat presentation at the Stock Exchange of Thailand's  "Opportunity Day".  DEMCO confirms the Wind Energy project is now a go.

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PRIN, back on the stronger buy view list.

Today I am back on PRIN (2.16) with a stronger buy view.  I don't know how the 3rd Q. earnings report will affect market sentiment, but my call is the stock is now oversold!

 Regardless of short term movements I much like PRIN at this price going into 2011.

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CITY, leave town without it.

I mentioned CITY a few times in our member lounge as a choice I was interested in re-visiting. Today I did and came away un-inspired.

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PRIN, the follow up company visit.

On June 18, I spend another couple of hours with PRIN and came away convinced its the deep value, high growth besides likely double digit dividend income pick in the sector. See here why.

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DEMCO, the company visit update

Here is my company visit with DEMCO after a solid, intense and clear "tete a tete" meeting with two of the company's principals, last Friday, June 18 2010.

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Maximum Bullish, a super stock for you.

My dear members, all good things come to and end.  And while its been a roller coaster at times, the long record as many of you know has been very succesfull.  Today I call it quits and here leave you with what I think is one of the best ideas...