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Commodites down for now. And TIES, the update.

A real potential for deflation in 2009, due to the collapse in global demand, if so you now want dividend income more then ever. Have the commodity stubborn bulls now gone nuts?

An update on TIES, an oversold stock where I just got a good update for members.

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MBAX, factory tour for members. Pls. sign up now.

MBAX suggests Wednesday, December 17, '08 for member private factory tour.  To sign up drop me an e-mail soonest at .



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Infrastructure boom pending in Thailand.

Monday early morning at the office. A new idea whose fundementals have been already and appear very strong going into next year.  The right choice at the right time as Thailand after, an on-off, is now finally likely to get going on a massive infrastructure spending spree next year.

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Ticon alarm bells ringing.

Ticon alarm bells are ringing for me.  Until the company scales down its expansion plans and instead buys back some of its own shares, I changed my view to neutral earlier today and instead, would focuss only on our strong earnings gowers, in the now far less certain economic enviroment.

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LVT, strongest buy view stated.

A table pounding buy view based on solid fundementals during uncertain times.   A current year 2008 p/e of 2.15.

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TRC, an update on this favorite.

Thailand, has no securitized rubbish here. TRC, margins are on the increase.

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LVT, an update on this favorite.

With a p/e barely above 2, trading below its book value and with an assured very strong 3 quarter earnings report to be announced next month.  All suporting a near tripling of net earnings this year, as compared to last year.


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MBAX, act two. The sequel.

To balance my just previous picks which benefit from high oil prices, here remains a choice which would much benefit from Baht currency weakness as well as any sell-off in the global oil price, now a bubble.

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SPPT, another key choice for the current enviroment.

Here is my company visit review on SPPT.  It is clearly my choice for the high energy price new enviroment.  I think the just newly issued warrants are undervalued as stated -and the SPPT story seems to have gotten some local attention. Rightly so, read here why.