Company Visits

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Solar, another small cap. leading in what it does.

Here is my latest buy report view of a leading company in a desirable and green industry. My take is the stock slide is over as investors start understanding what Solar (7.65) is up to. I went to visit them a few months ago and today at the current price...

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SPALI (2.64) remains on my buy list.

SPALI (2.64)  remains a buy in my view. Here I report some of my updated findings since a visit in person, a couple of months ago. A low p/e,  high dividend income and exciting new projects along with low debt levels are the key attractive investment features.

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To a better understanding on SPPT

Here is a full report on SPPT, outlining its business and the key risk identified.

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SPPT, another leading growth company.

The leader, among Thai factories, in producing precision mechanical parts for Hard Disk Drives, Printers, High-End Audio/Video equipments and automobiles. SPPT, an exciting company visit report.

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A superb small cap with all the ingredients I like

Another great growth stock with no long term debt, dominant in what it does and yet trading at a nice discount to SET market valuation, while growing several times faster the SET average company. 

I am upping my view today to a strong buy on SPPT, despite the some 30% price...

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Leading company, growing faster then SET, trading at discount valuation.

SE-ED (5.3) is trading at an undemanding year 2005 p/e of around 9 -and dropping to 7.3, for next year.

At a discount to the SET averages, this strikes me as too low considering that here is another leading company (majority market share with 25-30% of total book sales...

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A re-visit to an previous favorite: Bumrungrad International Hospital.

 Bumrungrad (BH 26.5) is a superb Hospital/company but is it world class medicine with a stock level at world class prices?

I find most if not all of the good news priced in already. At current valuation this price could easily be volatile...

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Another growth company with high yield -trading below market SET averages.

Never marry a stock. Always monitor your stock investments. Dont" buy and just hold on forever, as too often things change faster then we perceive in the new century. 

PTL (5.4) has a very strong balance sheet with no long term debts. It is the global leader in its market...

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Ticon, another visit in person.

Updates from my latest visit with this key Ticon selection. Coming away as bullish as before.While I think even these solid numbers may prove to be conservative, they indicate a p/e of 6.7 for this year and dropping to 6.3 next year, or a 50% discount to the updated property...