Company Visits

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LVT, another key investor choice to beat the energy crisis.

LVT a key investor choice of mine which actually benefits from the current soaring energy costs many industries are victims of. Here is my follow up company visit report.

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TKT, an attractive micro cap I like.

I like TKT as it has all the key elements in a micro cap I look for.  Here is my company visit report for you.

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Ticon's long stock price consolidation coming to an end?

Ticon (19.1) ready for another move? The continued solid fundamentals would support this but the company being listed in the lame mid-cap SET sector remains a risk of more boredom.  Unless management innovates some shareholder enhancers. This is the reason I hesitate daring a question mark.

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LVT, the "Louis Vuitton" of tournarounds.

LVT the tournaround condintues with this "Louis Vuitton" stock.  Dared with a strong buy view rating, despite the superb strock price advance of last yer.  Here is the update based on a company visits late last week.

I am given guidance of EPS expected of 0.50 for 2008, fully dilluted. This...

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TRC, the strongest buy opinion/view in place.

TRC has been a prominant choice of mine since earlier this year around 3  Baht per share. Despite the 60% stock price advance since,  I today share with you my latest company visit report and so re-rate TRC with a strongest buy view.


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Demco the update, Act 2

Recently I have stated warming back as this selection’s stock has consolidated around current levels for some time. After a return visit, here is the update.

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Another company visit report, low p/e & earnings acceleration.

GEN, another interesting turnaround story with seemingly accelerating earnings growth sustainable going into 2008.  I rate this one with speculative buy view.

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I like TIES, an exciting company visit.

Highest quality company with a nice dividend in an important and growing industry, at 1/3 the industry average p/e. Here is a 25 year old company I just visited and came away exited and so rate it accordingly.  

Here is an original member-only article as posted on September 11 2007, and...

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LVT, the turnaround.

LVT (1.46) is my turnaround stock choice for this year.

After some turbulent years and a stock price at much higher levels some time back, my take now is that things have turned for the better and I so rate the stock with a buy view. Here are my summary findings...