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An exciting company visit -SEAFCO

Seafco (4.36) is yet another neat smaller cap company which is nevertheless the clear leader in what it does.

This company commands a 36% market-share and has been in business for 31 years. A family run business for three decades where the owners still own some 45% of the...

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Ticon, an update from a company visit

My excitement continues with Ticon and I remain firmly convinced that all remains in place for this firm to earn some 1.50 to 1.60 per share this year, the same as I have been projecting for some months now.

At Ticon" s current market price of 9.7, this translates into a calender year 2005...

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Ticon visit

Ticon's stock price has risen about 15% in value since I first pounded the table a month ago.

During this same time the SET index rose less than 4% and the property index about 7%. More importantly the company voted at its board meeting, since then, to establish this new...

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Ticon, the transferring of assets into capital.

Ticon's sale of properties into a new Real Estate Fund is a classic transferring of assets into capital and thereby creating of new value.

Since Ticon plans to do this every year, starting with year 2005, the significant capital gain is a recurring one and so should be part...

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TICON Investor Presentation Download

We have uploaded a pdf file containing a recent presentation TICON management gave to investors and analysts in Sept. '04.

The presentation contains an overview of the company, the latest financial results, and the short term outlook for the company.

TICON is a top pick by Paul Renaud, made recently...

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Ticon revisited, coming away with a strong buy view.

Ticon's earnings keep growing leaps and bounds as the number of factories is expanding at a 30 to 40% annual rate. The growth rate is not slowing and the 3 Q earnings (to be released in 2 weeks) will attest to this. I think earnings per share can attain 1.1...

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Two growth stocks with reasonable valuations.

Asian Property (AP 4.4) and Master Ad (MACO 11.9) have some things in common as I see it. Both are growth stocks and leaders in their respective industries. They trade at 2004 P/E's below 10, or a discount to the average SET P/E. Recently I went to visit managment of...

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Home Product Center, another leader with high growth + Download

Home Product Center (HMPRO) growth rate has not slowed this year, despite the mild softening of the Thai economy by mid 2004.

Here is a company whose new store numbers are growing 20% per year and the existing stores are selling 20% more sales volume, year over year. Further...

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AJ Plast now poised to bounce back.

Here is a selection from the past which I eliminated from our model, early this year.

Indeed, AJ Plast Public company declined in market value more then the SET benchmark index since.  But I now think the worst is now over and am so have added AJ back to...