Company Visits

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Ticon an update, post latest BOT measures.

Here is an update on Ticon whose management I just re-visited. I also make some comments on the TFUND, where I remain a fan for income seeking investors.

I now rate Ticon now as "a long term buy", which is a change from the previous "strong buy" view.

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City, don"t leave town without it.

Yet, another visit in person to a smaller cap SET company where my view remains a strong buy.

Higher then average growth, no debt and cash in the bank, majority market share in an important industry. And with its new factory in place now good visibility for future growth...

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Ticon meeting -an updated view.

While Ticon" s overall prospects remain bright, I am concerned with the TFUND units sagging a bit on low volume recently. Here is what I think it means.

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Sahamit Machinery (SMIT), another leader at too low valuation.

SMIT strikes me as yet just another profitable leader at a too low p/e which deservingly belongs in any fully diversified Thai smaller cap value portfolio. SMIT" s shares curreently trading at 1.90, are undervalued with an expected 2006 p/e of only 4.75 -and I so today restate/reafirm my view...

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UMS, an alternative to lignite coal.

Khun Chaiwat stressed the point twice that Thailand is running out of lignite coal -and that his company would surely benefit greatly from that fact. As soo many more customers are converting to using coal now, vs. oil for power, electric and steam generation.

This is the reason...

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A visit to Thai Optical Group Plc.

Thai Optical Group Public Company Limited and its Subsidiary manufacture and distribute optical lenses, it is the country" s leading and largest independent lens producers and has a high technological production.

Here is yet another leader in a globally important industry, trading at a SET p/e discount, yet determined to...

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Another high grower at low valuation and high expected dividends.

TLUXE" s ROE has just recently seen a jump to 21.5% last
year which carried forward to the 1 Quarter of 2006 and I think
it will continue at this impressive level or may possibly even

Economies of scale are picking up and the time has...

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Solar, another company visit update.

Thai SET traders are rather often too short sighted besides large cap. obsessed -and so next year seems "so far away".

Yet, as this year progresses and Solar's (8.5) strategy and potential are better understood, the stock price should zig-zag higher, in my view. Here then is yet another smaller...

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Ticon visit, another update.

I expect the medium term annual earning future growth rate of Ticon to be some 30-35%. With a current p/e below the market averages the stock price strikes me as still too cheap.

I remain positive on Ticon stock and refuse to believe its fully valued like some other brokers have recently...