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LVT's annual meeting/more research on this favorite.

Attending of the LVT (1.75)  annual shareholder meeting and meeting of senior management and directors.  Impressive -and so my strong buy view is here today re-affirmed.  Here is an original member only article, released to all registered users on May 4th  09.

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LVT and UEC at strong support , after the sell off.

Both LVT and UEC took another dive, post the global sell-off in shares. UEC's earnings and dividends announced recently was just slightly below expectation. Whereas LVT's earnings were above expectation. Here are more value added insights on both.

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LVT, answers well.

LVT confirms it will answer the as I perceive critical questions on Monday March 9th, at their "Opportunity Day", given at the MAI/SET exchange building in Bangkok. Together with the seperate mail received on the associate company earnings and dividends, I am happy. (See copy at the end of this correspondance.)

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Demco reports, an update.

Demco reports a solid year 2008 of 0.65 Baht per share -and its growth prospects remain on track.  Here is an an update.

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Letter to MBAX's Managing Director and MAI president.

We met with MBAX and the MAI represenative and feel we got mislead.  Insider selling and wrong guidance prompts me to send this registered letter to the company today.  Feel free to make any comments in our lounge or at the end of this letter.

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LVT, the update after meeting with the Founder and Directors.

We had a good 2 hour meeting with LVT's founder and largest individual shareholder -which was attended by other directors and large investors.

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Demco, the update yet again.

Demco remains a core choice of mine regardless if one favours growth or dividend income, or green, or transparent management. As with this one of top 5 favorites, I assert you get it all. 

This company is hiding out and away from the global recession, which is much lead by burned- out US consumption, slow export...

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UEC, quality, growth -besides defensive to the current enviroment.

Before and after UEC (2.14) remains one of my key quality defensive stock choice on the MAI exchange  -much undeservingly trading below that exchanges' valuation averages. After a visit with UEC's president, today I review why.

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UKEM a trade, PTTAR the long term investment.

After speaking with UKEM's management I have changed my mind on this.  Instead I view UKEM a trade and PTTAR as now my big cap of choice -for the longer term.