Company Visits

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DEMCO's on site massive wind farm visit.

DEMCO's on site in-person wind farm visit last week -inviting members along.  Here is my report to all visitors of this site. 

Its all ahead of schedule and so the company will get huge tax free and increasing dividends from this...

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DEMCO member site/company visit.

Confirm a visit with DEMCO and me by attending our full day event on July 24th, visiting the largest Wind Farm to be in SE Asia with management.  Please confirm your attendance soonest.  Consider CITY (3) as another good growth stock.

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DEMCO all on target.

I know DEMCO is a mighty important stock for most of us and so today I decided to get an update, before the long Holidays here.

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DEMCO a genuine company visit.

Last week I was in Bangkok on yet another round of visits.  DEMCO stood out in that it confirmed everything -and then some.  Here is how and why.

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Univentures on the rise.

I think Univentures earnings are on the rise this year and so should its stock price. Today post their just released 2011 earnings report and high stock trading volume I re-affirm my upbeat view.

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PYLON for 2012, my company visit report.

Here is the PYLON company visit report I meant to get to you and finally got around so. As well mentioned before the stock's recent 10% gain, I like PYLON only secondary to DEMCO. These 2 are my core picks for next year.

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DEMCO and PYLON into year 2012.

Realizing that DEMCO is a very important stock for us, I today spend some more time digging  in some nitty gritty detail.  Here are some further research notes on this core selection I keep rating with a table pounding buy view, as an investment.

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DEMCO at SET Opportunity Day.

DEMCO (3.66)  gave its SET Opportunity Day presentation today and we listened carefully. All is on track.  Here is my summary 30 minutes later. Strong buy view remains in place.

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SYNNEX, another high quality growth story.

SYNEX, another high quality growth story with good dividends.  Its well removed from the developed countries' troubles and so fits well with my current investor theme which is domestic focussed with a retail/consumer bent.